Top 10 Expectations from HR and Automation Analytics


The advent of big data, Artificial Intelligence, and analytics is gradually transforming the way every function is performed and there is no doubt that in the coming years’ automation will drastically alter human lives. One of the functions that shall see a drastic change in the way things will be performed is human resource management. 

Top 10 Expectations from HR and Automation Analytics are:

  1. Improved Hiring Decisions – AI and data analytics shall play an important role in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition in the future. The entire hiring process shall be data-driven reducing any human bias thereby allowing organizations to identify the best candidates and recruit them. HR analytics shall use social media platform accounts of candidates, their blogs, and online records to create a profile before helping recruiters learn more about the candidate
  2. Finding Scarce talent – There are some jobs where finding the right talent is extremely important and such talent could be scarce. AI and data analytics can help organizations build a pipeline of such scarce talent so that whenever the need arises, one can easily approach these candidates.
  3. Faster Recruitment Process – Through AI and data analytics, one can arrive at the right amount of skills, experience, backgrounds, patterns for a particular job. Through techniques like chatbots, bot interviewing, one can get a faster shortlist of the right candidates.
  4. Training – Apps, webinars, recorded modules will help HRs find the gaps in the knowledge and skill levels of an employee for performing a particular job and come up with training schedules for the employee. HR analytics will pave the way for customized training for employees.
  5. Appraisals – HR analytics shall help organizations get structured data regarding an employee’s performance and help bosses during appraisals in an unbiased manner. Best HR organizations shall use data analytics, difference appraisal systems to come up with individually customized performance charts of every employee.
  6. Better employee insights – HR software solutions shall help record all professional and behavioural data of an employee in an organization and help organizations come up with strategies for employee retention and morale-boosting. 
  7. People skills – Increasingly most of the tasks that an HR currently performs in an organization will get automated and it is the people skills and the soft skills that will matter more for the human resource planning function. 
  8. Productive Workforce – Through analysis of data, scenario analysis, HRs in an organization can create conducive policies, workplace environment, teams in order to improve the productivity of the workforce.
  9. Towards an automated Administration function – Automation will create digital personnel records of every employee and ensure that all administrative tasks for a particular employee right from attendance, payroll management, training schedules, etc. shall be automated without the need for anybody and as such reduce overall administration costs.
  10. Better employee retention – Through HR analytics, organizations can recognize patterns of high-performance employees and take steps for retention of such vital employees in the organization resulting in lower attrition rates.


Through HR analytics and big data, human resource management shall analyze workforce information to monitor whether employees are productive at their work and whether the employees have a favourable environment for growth. HR Software solutions that analyze big data shall help management have all data regarding employees, their salaries, their attrition rates, and their Return on Investment and enable decision making.

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