Manage Demotivated Employees


The pandemic has had different effects on different people. The degree of effect cannot be measured. Employees might feel demotivated due to the mental fatigue that comes with it. You can help them overcome their demotivation and make them productive.

Empathize With Your Employees 

When you empathize with anyone, you can know what they are going through and in this way you can figure out a way to make them feel motivated and cared for.


Expand their knowledge and help them learn new things which will be beneficial for their professional lives. This will improve their productivity and help them focus on their work.


Reward them for their work and make them feel recognized. This is very important as it will make them feel cared and recognized. They will work hard to achieve more things.


Communicate with your employees and try to motivate them. Communicate and talk to them about what is bothering them and how they can overcome it to become more productive.

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