Transforming Human Resources using Artificial Intelligence


The age of artificial intelligence is here.
With the availability of an enormous amount of data and sophisticated tools that can be driven to make sense of this data, the modern HR is empowered to do far more than just make the right hiring decisions.
Artificial Intelligence, when put to work for Human Resource functions, can enable tracking, monitoring, delivering HR and business insights. It analyzes people performance and helps achieve business outcomes. The benefit that AI can bring to businesses is not restricted to any specific industry. Machines can employ Artificial Intelligence to manage HR functions that are considered to be unmanageable for humans, at an unimaginable speed.
Machine Learning impacts and revolutionizes people management. Applying Machine Learning algorithms helps you specify and precisely shortlist only the candidates that meet your business needs and preferences. Finding the right candidate for your requirement becomes quick and simple with Artificial Intelligence. It eliminates bias, reduces manual effort and time, creating a shortlisted set of candidates to touch base with, and this is just a start.
Benefits of using AI for HR:
– Streamlined and automated recruitment
Machine Learning recognizes patterns and creates relationships to sort and filter through thousands of CVs and applications as per the job description. It even suggests the best job role for a candidate based on their profile, interest, knowledge area and past experiences.
– Upgrading employee skills
AI can help in recommending cross-training and upgrading employee skills by identifying the right skill sets for an employee’s profile. The employee feels more engaged and valued with an organization that invests time and efforts into enriching the employee’s growth and experience.
– Managing Employee Performance
AI reduces bias in reviewing employee performance, encouraging fair appraisals, more engaged and productive workforce and reduced retention.
– Accurate and real-time HR Analytics
Machines process data, provide insights and analytics at exponentially faster speed. With 360 degree employee information at your fingertips, make better, data-driven decisions.