5 Ways To Drive Success With Cloud HRMS Today!


At the modern workplace, Human Resource Management has become a critical tool. It deals with matters such as the salary of the employees, appraisals, progress, their working hours and attendance, and even the recruitment processes. With technological advancements it becomes inevitable for organizations to switch from the on premise Human Resource Management to an appropriate Human Resource Management Software on the cloud, for multiple reasons. Cloud HRMS systems not only ease decision making for the HR/Manager, but also serve as an employee-friendly platform as it is mobile-centric and easy to use, on the go.
Any company can choose from three types of software for the HRMS depending upon its requirement- Core HRMS, Strategic HRMS, and Integrated HRMS. The difference is in their functions and features. A Core HRMS is more suitable for startups and small businesses as it looks over the primary functions for managing the workforce such as the administrative functions like payroll, attendance tracking, workforce planning, and regulatory compliance.
However, the Strategic and Integrated HRMS platforms take care of recruitment, and other HR functions along with administrative functions. Now, these softwares are available either on-premise or on Cloud. An on-premise format limits the management within the four walls of the office. People can gain access to the information only through the main server in the office. This has more disadvantages than advantages when compared to the cloud-based format.
The edge than a cloud HR management platform provides is that, all the features of an on-premise are available with an instant access from anywhere, any time. Thus, cloud based HR software has several advantages.

Some of the top reasons to choose Cloud HRMS system are:


Cloud HRMS is a software which can be accessed from any place, through any device with an internet connection. It is very useful for MNCs where the employees maybe working in different/remote locations. Also, when there is an urgent task to be completed and the employee may not be in the office.

Saves Time:

Feature-rich Cloud HRMS offers tools for internal collaboration, travel and expense claims, attendance management on the go. This considerably saves resource time. Also, with the historical data available for employees, the HR does not have to get into administrative functions.

Data Security and storage:

With cloud, your employee data is stored safely and doesn’t need a regular back-up.


A cloud-based system has the advantage of customizing interfaces which helps in selecting useful and relevant features.

Easy collaboration:

This system also provides a feature of easy communication throughout the company, irrespective of the department. This helps employees to share information, create groups and even communicate urgent messages.
Thus, any system is useful depending upon the needs of the company. But, if you have a large scale or a multi-national company, a cloud-based HR management software is a smarter choice.

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