Set of Rules for Media Outreach


Reaching to your audience during these tough times is very difficult but it is also very necessary. Your outreach determines your brand awareness.

Here are few guidelines to follow while setting up your media plan.

Outreach is very necessary for any company in these tough times as it helps you to connect with your audience. This outreach initiated by the media team should be done by keeping certain principles in mind.

It is All About the Context

Your context is very important when it comes to reaching out to the people. The pandemic is global but the 1st stop should always be treating it locally and so your context should also be the same.

Create,Reassess, Repeat

What was valid yesterday does not mean it will be valid tomorrow. The dynamics of the situation are constantly changing and it is necessary that whatever you do, should be relevant in the present situation.

Think Before You Write

In such times, whatever message you are trying to portray whether it is through your images or it is through your content, will be under review. Thus, it is important to assess what you write before spreading it.

Ever Changing Priorities

Your priorities should always be aligned according to the demands of the people. The demands are constantly changing during these times and your outreach should always match the same.

Even A Small Part Plays A Big Role

We should do our best to help the people by any means possible. It can be by spreading important information or news but try to play your part in this situation as your role can have a big impact.

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