How to value your support system in these times


Covid-19 has not only affected the businesses but the daily wage workers are the ones who are affected the most.

Our Support systems i.e. maids, drivers, guards etc. will be affected and it is our duty to value them and be there for them during these tough times.

Keep Their Cash Flow Intact

Try to give your maids, drivers etc. salaries even if they are not working during this lockdown. Their only source of income is stopped because of the pandemic and they are affected deeply because of the same.

Food – The Basic Necessity

Provide the support systems with food whenever required. Doing this would be a good gesture on your part and food being a necessity, it would be really helpful for them.

Be There During Emergencies

Try to be there for your support systems during their tough times. Whatever emergencies they might be facing, you should try to help them out in the best way you can.

Emotionally Available

Lockdown has different effects on different people. Every person is mentally & emotionally affected by these times. Being emotionally available for them can help them a lot in coping up with the situation.

Be Their Journalist

Give them the latest updates about the happenings in the country. Keep them informed about the rules/regulations etc. that the government has passed and what steps should be followed by them.