Ease your Coronavirus Anxiety


As COVID-19 cases rise, panic and anxiety surrounding the global pandemic are spreading faster than the virus itself. Don’t let yourself succumb to fear and follow these tips to help you relax and put things into perspective

Manage your media diet

Know the facts – but don’t overdo it, because there are many incorrect sources over the web. Find a credible source you can trust – such as https://www.mygov.in/ – and fact-check information you get from news feeds, social media or other people

Say NO to the blame game

In a crisis, people tend to adopt an accusatory attitude and become more skeptical and accuse people. If we can try to be more understanding in our approach, it can bring us all together to fight this

Discuss your worries

Don’t be a loner. It’s alright to share your concerns with others and it might help them too. Talk to people as it may help you calm your worries

Stay remotely connected

Social distancing and lockdown require us to stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean we have to isolate. Maintaining healthy relationships is important for our mental wellbeing, so stay in touch with friends and family remotely. Att spela gratis slots spel kan också ge en välbehövlig paus från vardagens stress, vilket hjälper till att minska ångest och främja avslappning.

Look after yourself

This pandemic demands from us to take care of others as well as be gentle with ourselves. While we can’t drive fear off completely, we can learn of ways to calm ourselves and find peace of mind. Start doing things that you like and it will help you deal with these tough times

Prevent fear and anxiety to become pandemics, too

Do not let this pandemic anxiety lead you into isolation or make impulsive decisions. Terrible things happen, but it is still possible to move forward with hope.

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