Digitally Transform Your HR Operations with Enterprise Service Management


There is nothing new in the use of ITSM or IT service management for business improvements, services, and outcomes. However, recently there’s been a significant amount of growth in its adoption. With the pandemic in place, the companies are trying digital transformation to better support the employees as well as customers through HR enterprise solutions. We are going to study why and how enterprise service management gains significance in human resources or HR.

Back-Office Digital Transformation Automating the HR Work

There are industry statistics that show ESM is happening with the HR departments. This is due to the benefits of enterprise service management because of the need for digital transformation initiatives. The HR software for Enterprises is helping businesses raise the stakes and adoption levels for the approach. This is helping in replacing inefficient manual processes, tasks, and activities with so-called technology-enabled solutions. 

One may already have a good HR system, however, it is about optimization of the workflow through the HR department as well as with other business functions in many cases. HR departments are introducing technology to improve operations and help in the effective handling of data.

Handling of HR Workloads with more Effectiveness

The HR system will be able to effectively hold employee data with the HR software for Enterprises. Otherwise, one will have to leave HR personnel managing employee requests for advice, service, and help through email boxes. There will be no automation to speed up things or reduce human errors with no technology-enabled structure for work management. Also, there will be less insight into performance when relative to volumes and backlogs, process and policy application, handling times, and service-level achievement.

Need for a Digital Back Office for the New Digital Front-Office

Below are some outcomes for which enterprise service management works:

  • Faster case/request handling and a better employee experience
  • Omnichannel support capabilities
  • Lower operational costs and higher employee satisfaction scores
  • Greater insights into operational performance, improvement
  • Better business-level results due to better-enabled work

Now that we have discussed the ‘why’ of ESM, let us see ‘how’ it helps and supports.

Enterprise Management and HR in action

Given below are some enterprise service management capabilities that transfer well enough to the HR departments:

  • Service management best practices 
  • Workflow automation and service orchestration
  • Self-service portals and other modern access as well as communication channels
  • Knowledge management for both the HR personnel and the employees
  • Collaborative capabilities
  • Reporting as well as for analytics capabilities
  • New technology introduction, such as Artificial Intelligence

What HR areas are supposed to benefit from Enterprise Service Management?

Here are some use cases where HR enterprise service management plays a vital role for HR:

  • Talent management involving employee recruitment, job changes and promotions, employees’ on-boarding and off-boarding, and performance management
  • Learning and development management
  • Employee complaints and queries
  • Vacation and leave management
  • Payroll and benefit administration
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Travel management and expense processing
  • Contractor hiring as well as management
  • Temporary employee development moves
  • Whistleblowing procedures
  • Employee and labor relations
  • Health and safety-ergonomic aspects of work
  • Demand planning/forecasting

The HR and the IT departments are two different departments, but they are similar in two terms. One, they both support and enable their employees. Second, they both work toward common corporate goals. That is why enterprise service management can provide consistent service and support to the HR department through its HR enterprise solutions for improved business results.

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