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I want to know about OAS & mobile rostering. Can you please tell me about it?

Sure, mobile rostering as the name suggests helps you in making the rostering  process easy.

HR Manager

What are some of the features of mobile rostering?

Mobile rostering increases the productivity and efficiency as the process becomes simplified.

Also, you don’t have to be worried about data entry as it is not tedious.There is minimal data entry in OAS & Mobile rostering.

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How convenient is it ?

You can manage your employees from anywhere as it works from anywhere.

You can also save your costs with Mobile Rostering.

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 That is great. I am really impressed with this.

I am glad you liked it. Click on the link above to know more.

Covid-19 has had a negative effect not only on the economy but almost all the industries and households. Yes, there will be post Covid-19 effects but it is not something we cannot fight. With the right strategy and right state of mind, we can survive the effects and come out stronger.

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Are you ready to learn the secrets of employee morale? Employees’ retention and morale can directly deal with productivity and job satisfaction ratings of the business. Nowadays, Business and HR Leaders work in tandem to enhance employee morale when it starts to move to a low level. Creating positive employee morale in your working environment is key to success. It has the capability to feed high job satisfaction ratings than ever before.

The organization needs to motivate their team members in a good way of improving the product range as much as possible on a regular basis. The burden of the employees should be reduced by introducing the Enterprise HR Software for your business. 

Here are the lists of ways to promote employee morale and retention:

Get Accurate Feedback From Your Employees 

At first, the Business Leaders need to gather accurate and poignant feedback from your employees to improve the overall organizational culture. The part of the feedback is to know whether the employees are being challenged and supported in your office. Sincere and honest feedback from the employees will allow you to enhance your weaknesses and builds your strength even more. It will help you to improve the employee experience and employer branding in the market. 

Share Each And Every Situation with your Employees 

Whether the business has met success or a failure, business leaders should take a decision after the discussion with your employees and explaining to them where the organization stands. While delivering the negative news, the proper solution and encouragement should be given to the employees for avoiding such kinds of mistakes in the future. When speaking about successful projects, the employees should be appreciated for reaching furthermore success. However, once the problems nestled in your company are identified and vanished then it will create a positive impression on your employee’s mind.

Allow them to Work Flexibly 

Don’t allow your employees to feel stressed and worried. For improving the employee experience, the hrm software solutions should be introduced in your business. This software can take of the attendance records, stores employee database, take care of the recruiting process and much more. Let your employees do their work independently and avoid micromanaging the things at the workplace, which will result in the enhancement of productivity.

Increase Team Spirit 

The most excellent way for improving the employees’ morale and retention is team spirit. For Fostering a positive working environment, the employees need to move around the organizations freely and start to work in collaboration with the cross-functional teams. Companies need to focus mainly on the team environment that works well for enhancing overall productivity. A business leader should arrange for casual outings and various kinds of team building activities in your organization.

Reward the Employees for their Performance and Achievements 

Usually, the employees have spent a maximum of time in the workplace than their homes. They put a lot of effort to promote your business success and get the business outcomes. Therefore, the business leaders need to appreciate their employees for their performance and achievements by way of rewards and recognition, incentives and many more. Such kind of rewards will motivate and encourage them to enhance their skills for producing better business outcomes. 

Conduct Some Fun Activities 

Don’t allow your employees to get bored with their work. This will have a direct impact on the productivity and efficiency of your organization. The business leaders have a responsibility to boost up the employees by conducting certain kind of fun activities every Friday that allows them to rejuvenate their mind and body. 

Provide Amazing Incentives 

Incentives and salary increment is one of the easiest ways to encourage employees to work with involvement. Based on their working efficiency, the incentives should be improved periodically. Nowadays, most companies have decided to establish online hrm software for making better and informed decisions.

Once the employees get motivated, then it will encourage them to do their work efficiently. Make use of this information and increase the employee morale of your company accordingly.


One can’t overstate the importance of Employee Engagement. When carried out effectively, Employee Engagement helps employees develop a better understanding of their roles, expectations and opportunities for better career growth within the organization. Some of the major challenges faced by HR Managers today is the lack of resources and a robust platform to engage their employees.

Engagement also brings in a smoother and more effective communication at various levels of the organizational hierarchy. It plays a vital role in binding employees together with a greater sense of alignment to the organizational goals and values. Not having a common, robust platform is an obstacle in the entire process of engaging employees to build a strong organizational culture.

 Employee Self Service Portal | The Concept:

An Employee Self Service Portal or simply put, an ESS is one plausible solution that serves the purpose of bringing together the employees, ensuring free flowing communication, information exchange and feedback.

An ESS is a vital part of your Human Capital Management (HCM) System and serves as platform, that does not only enable communication, but also solves the purpose of providing employees with the access to information that is crucial to them. It reduces the stress of managing mundane operational tasks that are executed by the HR.

ESS implementation in an organization must be extremely user-friendly, one that encourages employees to log in and use the portal.

Benefits of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement has constantly proved to derive quantified benefits for an organization. According to the 2016 Meta Analysis by Gallup Organization, of over 1.4 Million employees, it is found that highly engaged organizations are much more successful than organizations with low levels of engagement.

The productivity in highly engaged organizations is 22% greater than that of companies with low levels of engagement. It also improves the turnover rate of an organization, as organizations that usually witness high attrition have reported 24% lesser attrition and organization that witness low attrition, reported a 59% lower attrition rate after introducing employee engagement activities. The matrices like Safety and Quality Defects reported of 48% and 41% fewer such incidence respectively.

The following are some of the benefits of having a robust and easy to use ESS:

  • Effective Communication: An ESS with its inbuilt Chat Tools serves as an intelligent platform for smoother and better communication between employees and managers
  • Timely Tracking & Feedback: With an ESS portal in place, employees can track the developments within the organization, on their projects, and further provide or receive feedback on their work, thereby plan or decide on the way ahead
  • Understanding of Organizational Hierarchy: Employees can get a glimpse of the organizational hierarchy, keep the communication precise, and interact with relevant managers and personnel within the organization
  • Direct, improved employee access to HR services: HR managers no more need to spend time in creating and distributing Salary Slips, Tax Computation Document, TDS Forms etc; as an employee has a direct access to any of these documents at their fingertips through the ESS portal
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining processes: The ESS portal streamlines HR processes, thereby reducing time and efforts and increases efficiency
  • Better Collaboration & Learning: When employees have an efficient medium to communicate, it helps them collaborate and share their knowledge and expertise, helping each other learn and grow. Most of the ESS portals these days, have an integrated Knowledge / Learning Management System in place that is built purposefully to share knowledge
  • Improved Employee Engagement & Retention: The ESS portal helps bring a sense of belongingness between employees and binds them strongly with organizational values, bringing greater clarity pertaining to organizational goals, as well as their roles and importance in the entire value chain
  • Regular News and Updates: Any updates, news, announcements, intimations on policy change, details of events, achievements, occasions, directives as well important documents needed in business scenarios can directly be made available to all or a chosen set of employees

With the above benefits and many other perks on offer, it is imperative for any organization to have an HCM that brings simple, easy to use, yet a robust Employee Self Service portal to the table. With its varied range of “Hire to Retire” Employee Life Cycle Management solutions in place, ZingHR brings you an intuitively designed ESS portal that helps you engage with your employees better and see marked improvements in their overall productivity.

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