Leveraging Employee-Centric HCM Models to Foster Workforce Engagement 


The impact of technology on independent recruitment functions is nothing short of transformational. Compared to traditional hiring models that involved a ton of paperwork, cloud-based HCM models focus on enhancing employee experiences throughout the hiring process. Furthermore, adding the element of AI-powered technologies to your recruitment solutions can help you save time, and focus on employee-centric hiring models.  

Several reports claim that there is a direct connection between employee engagement and business performance. According to Gallup, “When taken together, the behaviors of highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability.” Therefore, in order to foster progress, productivity, and growth within the enterprise, organizations must focus on how employee engagement can be the determining factor between inspiring a committed workforce and harbouring low-performance employees. 

Transitioning to the post-pandemic era has of course been challenging on the business front. However, with the upsurge of enterprise-level digital transformation, organizations must invest in creating seamless experiences for their workforce like how they do for end consumers.  

Transparent communication channels eventually translate into seamless employee engagement. Therefore, by leveraging cloud-based technologies, HR leaders can integrate AI-powered solutions into independent business functions, and pave the way for peer-to-peer collaboration for a hassle-free experience.  

Here are the top reasons how employee-centric technologies can boost workforce engagement:  

Collaborate, Cooperate and Transform

Employee engagement or peer-to-peer collaboration within the organization depends on several factors. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, it’s imperative that HR leaders create an inspiring environment for a committed workforce. It all begins with interactions that resonate with the organizational culture.  

A centralized employee collaboration platform offers the flexibility for employees to share their perspectives on company values and most importantly, connect with a distributed workforce. From the onboarding phase to inspiring the direction of the company, the goal of employee engagement is to inspire communication without any bias. 

Cloud-based HCM technologies can, therefore, design a centralized platform for the workforce to share ideas through instant messaging tools, eventually transforming the idea of peer-to-peer cooperation.  

Efficient Communication Models Go a Long Way 

There are many factors that contribute to a disengaged workforce. Out of them, one of the most crucial aspects is communication. If your management fails to communicate with individual employees in a clear and transparent manner, the results could deteriorate their morale and adversely impact collective performance.  

That being said, sending out internal emails about company values and policies is not way to inspire flawless communication. On the other hand, having a centralized communication platform that utilizes the potential of AI can offer personalized experiences, inspire employees to share ideas with peers and collaborate for diverse results. Therefore, as business leaders, if you create a platform that can help you communicate with a global workforce and make them feel appreciated, workforce engagement is definitely not a far reality. 

Recognize Your Workforce 

For workforce engagement to take form, recognition is extremely important. Furthermore, when peers recognize each other’s efforts and performance, it offers a brand-new perspective. Now, with employee preferences shifting to flexible work environments, organizations must integrate digital employee engagement platforms to nurture positive peer relationships.  

Moreover, internal social communication platforms can help employees build friendships across independent business units. The intention here must be to foster commitment towards a common goal without compromising on business continuity and process excellence.  

Ideas Facilitating Innovation 

Your employees are the greatest asset to your company. With all the technology in the world, without an employee-centric approach, organizational growth is severely compromised. On the other hand, diverse ideas can determine the way an enterprise functions. 

Hence, if companies design a framework that relies on taking an employee’s ideas seriously, innovation is inevitable. Now, when that becomes a collective approach, you are creating a workforce that is committed to a unified cause. In simple terms, an organization that creates a unified platform to inspire innovation will eventually pave the way for a highly engaged environment.  

Motivated Employees, Engaged Workforce 

To inspire an engaged workforce, it is important that your employees are self-driven and motivated. The culture within the organization also impacts their work-life balance. When employees are happy with what they do, they are naturally committed to reach their highest potential and deliver irrespective of the circumstance.  

However, on the other hand, if there are existing workplace issues, a disengaged workforce is right around the corner. Servicing multiple clients can be hard. Similarly, balancing multiple deadlines and having the right work-life attitude can be challenging. Here is where technology can play its part. Implementing AI-powered technology can simplify complex tasks, increase flexibility and most importantly, improve efficiency.  

Diversity and Inclusion 

One factor that can deteriorate employee engagement and overall performance is practicing a biased work culture. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives can pave the way for new perspectives and ideas that can lead to peer-to-peer engagement. Furthermore, unbiased work culture can eliminate favoritism, discrimination, and associated ethical constructs.  

Therefore, technologies that can empower a centralized platform will certainly inspire growth, high-end performance and workforce engagement through well-defined collaboration channels. 

ZingHR – Welcome to the Future of Work 

The impact of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is shaping the future of work. From digital onboarding strategies to designing automated employee engagement metrics, recruitment in the future will be governed by AI-powered solutions.  

Regardless of the size and nature of your enterprise, cloud-based recruitment is the future of innovation. ZingHR, a forward-thinking enterprise offers employee-centric HCM solutions that are tailored to independent recruitment functions, enhancing employee engagement from the get-go. With technologies like Robotic Interviews, Succession Planning, advanced HR Analytics, AI-enabled Chatbots and Talent Management models, be rest assured to usher in a new wave of innovation for your enterprise.  

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