How to Prioritize Skills Over Years of Experience


It’s been a difficult phase for everyone, from the graduating class of 2020 to the people who despite years of experience struggle with finding a decent job but what does this have to do anything with prioritizing skills over years? The youth of this generation could write pages & pages about this, companies must change their way of getting new staff onboard.

Hire the person

A firm must primarily be interested in assessing the candidate’s character, competency & cultural fit. Rather than focusing on experience lists, you need to know if the candidate will take initiative, solve problems & be a supportive member of
your team.

Assign the interviewees a project or task

You can’t forcefully find an error in a resume, instead what companies could do is assign tasks to understand their level of skill. This not only creates a pool of knowledgeable, interested candidates but reduces the number of resumes that need to be screened.

Ask about projects they worked on

Be it a project from college or their workplace, hiring managers need to understand their interest level & their commitment level gone into doing that project. Hiring managers need to carefully listen to their story & how organized their thought process is.

Initiate with
case -based interviews

Companies can present potential situations in front of a candidate & ask how they would approach solving them. Ask to see a justification of their thought process.

Hire for attitude, aptitude &

Skills you can teach, but attitude, aptitude & potential you cannot. Resumes usually consist of a list of skills & job responsibilities, & while a resume provides an entryway to an interview, it rarely provides insights into the best candidate for your role & your company.