Gig Workers – The future jobs Landscape


The organizations are now moving
from a talent pool of full-time workers to a virtual pool of the on-demand workers. Various machines automating routine tasks supplement these workers in completing distinct types of works.
The unique combination of workers
and automating machines is on the rise.

The New Normal

The transition from a homogeneous workforce to a heterogeneous workforce, working with a virtual pool of robots and gig talent, will be the new normal. The organization will be able to amplify strategic decisions through real-time reporting.

Z-Shaped Skills

The skills combine digital literacy & deep business with the soft skills of critical thinking, cultural fluency, collaboration, change management, & communication with a focus on innovation and creativity. Critical thinking and creativity are the key human capabilities required at the workplace in the near future.

Innovative Thinking

Creating a workforce with the skills at the intersection of technology, design & industry is the new ideology for most of the organizations. Their goal is to identify talent with Z-shaped skills, use robotics in HR, combining design & engineering skills, and develop a more inclusive talent pool.

Growth Mindset

The future of the workplace belongs to organizations who try to build a culture of “learn it all”. There is a need for building a growth mindset and commitment to learning where the leaders will inspire creativity in the individuals. A culture of growth mindset, inspiring continuous learning, and emphasizing the importance of learning from other individuals the new focus for the organizations.

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