Emxcel Solutions automated their HR processes using ZingHR

“Automation is always effective for better time management and accuracy. We had a good experience with ZingHR”

Ms. Nidhi Sharma – CHRO, Emxcel Solutions

About Emxcel:

Emxcel is a global technology company that provides customized digital solutions to businesses around the globe. They empower enterprises with technology products, services and engineering developed on a strong culture of innovation and a relentless emphasis on customer relationships since their inception in 2016.

Emxcel Solutions automated their HR processes using ZingHR

Emxcel Solutions was looking for a powerful cloud HR software solution to automate and manage our HR processes. We strongly feel ZingHR was able to meet our requirements with their efficient HR Tech platform.

We were working with team ZingHR when the nation-wide lockdown was announced; and had an amazing experience throughout the process.

While the businesses and organizations were transitioning into remote working, we were relentlessly working with ZingHR on our implementation. The team has a professional approach and we did not find any difference in our interactions during the lockdown; their response time was the same as pre Covid.

Automation is always effective for better time management and accuracy. It helps in speeding up the work and the productivity goes up. We have experienced the same in our organization post our transition on to the ZingHR platform.

The end-to-end automated platform has helped us in optimizing our Leave, Time & Attendance management and in getting amazing insights of our employees.

We had a great experience while working with the team, and our employee engagement has gone up post the implementation of the solution.

This is a tough time for all the businesses. The travel-tourism, hospitality, transport and small businesses are worst affected. We are hopeful to see the market back in its pace in a couple of months. Market will see the change in living and working conditions which will show us the entire different world, hence new business domains, working methods will lead to new work culture in organizations.

We are happy to have chosen ZingHR as our HR Tech partner.