When: Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 7:00-7:30 PM IST

Who should attend: CEOs, CHROs, CIOs, CTOs, Business Heads, Talent Management Heads, HR Directors, HR Senior Managers, HR Managers and HR executives

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With ever increasing accessibility to the new age technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, Bots, Robotics etc and their ease of application is changing the paradigms of technology adoption in people initiatives. The Technology alone ceases to be the differentiator, for transformational business outcomes it would take a perfect blend of people strategy and technology.

This tweetchat will bring together experts and practitioners on how people initiatives and Technology can facilitate the journey towards High-Performance Culture in progressive organisations. It would also throw light upon the evolving trends in Talent Management space to compliment & leverage the Technology benefits.

As a precursor to the People Matters TechHR India join this exciting tweet chat where the global leaders, thought leaders, HR Technology partners, and innovators come together to deliberate on key priorities for shaping the workplace of tomorrow.

We are discussing The keys to nurture a High-Performance Culture
Questions are listed below:

Organisations usually have different process owners for Learning, Performance Management and Rewards & Recognition. Is this the right approach or do you see this as one single process especially in today’s world where Employee and Business Outcome have become central to all HR & Tech initiatives.


How do you measure the progression of Performance Culture in your organisation, do you see it’s direct co-relation with business results


Share some examples as to how technology is being leveraged to compliment initiatives towards building HIgh Performance Culture in your organisation


Do you expect your HR Tech partner to play a greater role than ever before as a perennial best practices propagator with a virtual seat in your boardroom to jointly assess the business outcomes