Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Link claims with payroll compliance engine to help employees receive claims and travel expenses instantly with ZingHR Claims Management Software (CLM). The single repository allows for easier validation of employee efforts and their claims by your HR and administration teams.

Built for the Digital-Native Employees

Gain 100% Visibility into Expenses

Leverage ZingHR’s travel and claims management system to gain complete visibility of all the claims filed and approved. Access this data anytime, anywhere to keep track of the company’s expenses.

Simplify Travel and Claims Processes for Employees

Boost your employer brand by making HR-related tasks easier for employees. Enable them to raise travel and claims requests on-the-go and check approval status with ease.

Eliminating Unnecessary Expenses

Increase savings by streamlining claims management processes. Define refined caps and setup customized approval rules to control budget expenses.

Travel Requests

Easy co-ordination for travel-related claims. Create your own Custom Travel types, travel requests can be tracked through travel desk.

Claims Management

Transparency in claim management with the provision to configure salary and non-salary related claims on Mobile.

Multi-Mode Approval Processes

Define different eligibility amounts for distinct employee groups/cadres with the added flexibility to have it set differently at each employee level.


Eliminate complexity with systems in place for tracking of claims and travel requests based on Company policy.