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Time and Attendance Software: Leverage Your Management!!

Your future is shaped by what you do today and not tomorrow. If you are, a progressive fast-growing entrepreneur Zinghr’s online time and attendance software will count and manage every second of your valuable time. The software will award every precious movement dedicated by your employee towards the growth of your firm. 


Our software goes under many quality tests to assure the supply of accurate leave and time management data. Our software is designed to analyse and supply data in a graphical manner to decide without wasting much time. 

Complete-Time Management Solution

It is not just another software; we make sure that each need of the hour is taken care of. We think ahead of the time and that reflects in our online attendance management system. It is the best tool in the hands of the HR department as they can take the fast and balanced decisions, as our software not only collects the data but also aid in planning. 

Online Access

Retrieve the data online anywhere and anytime to plan your work accordingly. Our software supports web tools that allow sharing screens and data to optimise your time.

Improved efficacy of the 

Our online time and attendance software take care of your minutes to manage your future systematically. With real-time and smart data management, you can plan your work effectively avoiding any kind of unavailability of employees. Our user-friendly software system manages your workforce equitably making them more dedicated and motivated. 

Manual attendance becomes tedious to manage the attendance and leave data and analysis is extremely time-consuming. However, Zinghr’s online attendance management system is of new assistance for you, which works round the clock without bias. Our attendance management system provides access to real-time dashboards that provides an analytical view of leave and time data of each employee.

Leading HR Software Solution Provider

We are the leading online time management software providers in the market. We are well equipped with an experienced and dedicated workforce. We understand each requirement of our valued customer and supply the best-designed time management software. We also incorporate better tools in the online leave management software that is best of our knowledge and experience to improve your efficiency and fecundity.

We are proud to be associated with the estimated industries and companies to manage their leave and time management data explicitly over the years. Our online time and attendance management software is a better tool in your hands to achieve a new milestone by maximizing productivity and growth. 

Maximize Productivity & Propel Growth

Access real-time dashboards and capture Time and Attendance in multiple ways. Align employee availability with work requirements to avoid any ‘unplanned non-availability’ of employees at work. Measure the time spent on creating business value and manage your workforce more effectively with user-friendly software systems.