Personalized Dashboard for Learning Activities
Linked to PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)
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Employee Training Attendance

Develop the Talent You Need

Organize and Manage Multiple Training’s with Ease

Learning Plans

Speed up your employees learning the process with individual learning plans and paths. Personalized dashboards designed for employees. Analyze progress in a minute.

Multiple Course Types

Stay ahead of the game. Innovate your learning experience with personalized courses. Create a variety of course types. Include a range of activities and resources, for your employees.


Access Zing Learn anytime, anywhere. The platform has been designed for exceptional convenience for employees and is compatible with all mobile platforms.

Personalize your learning experience for the modern workforce.

Zing Learn – the most effective cloud-based learning management system is here. Design, deliver and track online courses. Devise interactive and gamified courses for your employees, driven by your organization’s objectives. Enjoy complete control over the training course setup, tests and analytics. Get desired outcomes today!