Connect With and Engage Employees from the Start.

Offer the same mobile-first, connected, and personalized experience to the HR and new hires that they are familiar with in their daily lives. Establish a structured hiring and onboarding process to – enable a truly digital workplace, create a more inclusive culture, and accelerate new-hire productivity.

Built for the Digital Native Employees

Increase New Hire Productivity by 70%

Swiftly onboard, orient, and align new employees with the company’s goals and their responsibilities – the sooner an employee becomes productive, the more the overall ROI of the new hire.

Boost Employee Retention by More Than 50%

From work station assignment (PC/Laptop) and bank account opening letters to issuing visiting cards and ID card, manage it all from a single platform to offer a seamless experience, boost retention, and reduce dropout.

Customize, Streamline, and Enable Real-Time Tracking

Choose and add the on-boarding steps relevant for your organization, accelerate transition with more streamlined paperwork, and enable SLA based tracking to offer the best experience across all touchpoints.