Ensure Transparency in the Offboarding Process

ZingHR’s ESM system is designed to help employees get the benefit of an error-free disengagement process. Clear any perceptions of employee harassment and enable a smooth transition.

Automate Employee Separation Process

Ensure Compliance

Setup proper workflows and clearance requirements to ensure a compliant separation process.

Offer a Seamless Experience

Maintain good relationships with disengaging employees by simplifying the whole process.

Garner Intelligent Insights

View employee lifecycle stats to better understand and minimize employee attrition.

Separation Initiation

Allows users to initiate a request for E-Separation with features like online resignations, separations, and online absconders.

Employee Exit Clearance

Create multiple categories to group employee’s exit clearance in the system. Access unlimited Clearance Process Grouping Features.

Multi-variety Clearance Items

Create multiple clearance items and no dues checklist across different Roles, Departments, and SBUs, etc.

Separate Singular or Group Process Owner Feature (inside a Department)

For each Clearance Category, setup clearance owners allowing them to authorize the pending clearance checklist for separated employees.

Compensation E-Seperation Rule Engine

Configurable E-Seperation Formula Builder for PF, Gratuity, allowances, and unprocessed loans. Generate E-Seperation Statements post-processing.