For any organization an attendance management system can be quite beneficial and help in proper functioning. Employees are the most valuable asset any company has and such type of system helps in keeping note of productivity employees are able to achieve. Let us now look at the benefits and features of these systems.

Benefits of Attendance System

  • There is no risk of manual errors in tracking attendance.
  • Employees can view their attendance details as well as leave summary.
  • It helps in increasing productivity since employee time is saved and reduces staffing overhead.
  • Increases employee satisfaction since employees are assured to timely paychecks and accuracy of attendance calculation
  • The system helps in reducing time theft and payroll errors as well as improves performance of employees.
  • It increases employee engagement which in turn makes them contribute more towards accomplishment of goals of the company. Thus, overall company culture improves and employees work enthusiastically.
  • It also helps in improving regulatory compliance since data collected makes sure that necessary information is available as poof of attendance of your employees.

Features of Attendance System

  • Define holidays.
  • Set up minimum working hours for full day or half day work and late comers.
  • Management can easily find out the in-time as well as out-time for any employee and the total hours worked.
  • Easy customization makes sure that things can be changed as per your organization’s requirements.
  • You can also set up shift details as well as import data for attendance into the system.
  • Permissions can be set for viewing attendance reports. As for example, reporting managers can have access to reports of the team whereas administrators would have access to everyone’s report.
  • An attendance management system also provides graphical charts which make it easy to view the employees present on any day and those who are on leave or absent.
  • Reports can be generated on daily basis for individual employees as well as on the basis of departments.
  • The reports can also be exported into Excel format to be used for other purposes.
  • These systems let you choose from multiple attendance punching options such as biometrics or password system.
  • You can also easily view the reports for daily worked hours as well as the overtime reports which can be helpful in taking managerial decisions.

There are times in a company when employees work more than they are expected too, there are other times when some employees do not give in their hundred percent, it is in such varied instances that a system or a standard comes in handy. When a single parameter is set for the HR to judge the employees, it ensures a harmonious working condition and makes for a fair organizational practice.

The sort of a system in a business organization may be brought about with the help of employee attendance software. The software helps in keeping track of how many days of the month the employees of a company have attended and for how many hours the people have worked.

There are a whole lot of advantages in the use of the system. The most important advantage is that the salary processing, which depends on the attendance of employees, becomes easier with the help of the software. It also becomes easier to gauge which employees work the hardest and which ones need to be perked up, this goes a long way in establishing a review about the employees and helps in the times of appraisal meets. The employee attendance software also ensures that the employees maintain a discipline and follow office timings strictly, making for a more professional environment around the office.

The software is a tool for the business owners and the HR staff to be able to keep track of how the employees follow the rules of the office and helps them maintain an unbiased and tamper proof record of the attendance of the people that work for the company.

The use of technology in the current times is inevitable for any given field of life. This goes to show that the use of technology in the form of software systems makes for the most viable option for those business houses that are on their way up to the top.


With the technology advancing at lightning speed and time becoming a major constraint, most jobs that were conventionally done manually are now being shifted to the virtual world. One of those jobs is the calculation of time and days put in by an employee on job. This was a system that was done by writing down manually and then signing in by the employees in order to prove its worth.

However, as times are becoming modern and most things are handles with the help of machines or software, the practice of keeping time and attendance is done by means of biometric or card swipe machines making it a more accurate and reliable process as compared to the manual procedure. The time attendance software is a program that is fed into a computer and is operated in sync with a physical machine that records the in-time and out-time of each employee as they enter.

This sort of an automatic system is helpful for those companies which work in shifts or have a lot of employees. The attendance management system software takes down the time of the entry of the employees and transfers the data to a program which may then be used by the HR department or the payroll department of the company, to keep track of the timings of the people who work for them. The time attendance software is extremely useful when the salaries of the employees need to be calculated. The reason for this is that not only does the software help in keeping track of employees who report to office, but also keeps a track of the people who need to go on site or need to be on field to carry out their jobs. Such a system is a boon for the people who have to keep track of the time period for which the employees have been on job. The software also helps in motivating the employees to report on time and to remain at work until the office time is up.

Automation in calculation and keeping track of the hours put in by employees, leaves scope for the people in charge to be able to channelize their efforts into more useful tasks. The program also helps the employees in maintaining a clean record, because of the quality of the software to be free of errors.

When you want to automate systems and bring a modern revolution in your office, start with the time and attendance software to automatically bring things to order and bring down manual efforts, in turn cutting down the risk of calculation mistakes.


Recruitment of staff for a firm to some extent decides the fate of the company in its respective field of business. If the recruitment is done right, then the company is destined to soar otherwise it may end up among the crowd. The success or failure of a company depends greatly on the performance and the resoluteness of its employees.

If the employees have a feeling of determination to work positively for the firm then there is no stopping the growth of the recruited employee or the firm for which he or she works. This implies that the recruitment process of the employees of a company must be fool proof in order to run a successful business. The surest way to go right with the process is to take the aid of a technological recruitment process. A recruitment management software is a process which may prove to be the most accurate and beneficial for a business.

With the help of a recruitment management system, a firm can have an evolved and detailed recruitment process. The software works towards identifying the right candidates for a job from places which are generally not thought of by regular HR practitioners. The software makes use of processes to source candidates from the wide arena of internet without relying on the same old conventional techniques. The uniqueness and the accuracy of the software in finding the right candidates and screening them based on the precise nature of the employers needs, makes the software a demanded product in the world of business where there is a high demand for qualified and performing professionals. In a world of cut throat competition, where the demand for talent is sky high, it becomes important for business owners to do away with the age old methods of recruitment and take the help of technology to reach to candidates who are not in easy reach of other competitors.

Having the right staff is the key to the success of a business. When hunting for staff is done through innovative measures one is sure to strike gold. Making a strong team begins with adapting strong recruitment practices. The only way forward in the growth process of a business is to take help of innovative software that fulfill recruitment needs with accuracy and efficiency.


Payroll management is among the top priorities of the HR’s desk. The HR manager exerts complete authority over all aspects of salary management. Right from the salary negotiations during the interview to the disbursement of benefits to an ex-employee, all tasks must pass through the HR’s approval. Managing diverse payment requirements accurately is imperative. The compensation of each employee must be reviewed at least twice before processing the monthly salary slip. Big organizations employ hundreds, if not thousands of people. A suitable payroll management system keeps everything organized.

Complete salary management

Salary management is closely associated with employee compliance. The HR may need to implement penalties according to the policy of the management. Organizations employ various formulae for compensation calculations. Hierarchy objectives, incentives, unpaid leaves, exemptions, statutory deductions, and all other figures must have accurate representation.

An advanced payroll software system implements automated salary processing. Processing requirements often involve setting standard formats for employee groups according to their designations. The format of the salary data sheet must be compliant with standard banking requirements. All such requirements are met in a progressive payroll platform.

Establishing financial obligations

As employees are company assets, their financial obligations must not cross with the organization. If your employee invests at a competitor network, it should serve as a red flag for increased monitoring. A comprehensive payroll management system also allows employees to declare their investments online. The staffs can benefit by the automated tax calculation feature in the software. Evaluating the tax impact of the investments also helps the management to maintain effective financial regulation on the staff. In fact, a good platform also allows proof tracking of the investments.

All these and other data can be stored securely in a good payroll software. Maintaining a comprehensive salary repository involves several benefits. It is vital for implementing yearly PF deduction and Form (16) calculation.

Migrating to a progressive system

Employee concerns over salary are common. A single numerical error can significantly affects the salary amount. Also, staffs can have diverse concerns on their payment. A temporary executive may need to confirm when she will start receiving the benefits of the permanent position. A person may have issues with the absenteeism records. The payroll management system offers a smooth platform for all communications pertaining to salary. You need to confirm whether the software provider can integrate the current data into the new program at the earliest. See if they can handle data migration from the existing system effectively. Check customer reviews and assess the costs before taking a positive decision to employ the software.