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ZingHR is focused on helping enterprises transition from a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to Tangible Business Outcomes (TBO).

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At ZingHR, we are pioneers. Ours is a moonshot endeavour. Technology is our catalyst, and our goal is a complete HR transformation.

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CXOs choose ZingHR to increase their EBITDA margins, positively impact business outcome, increase people engagement and build a culture of trust & transparency

Geared for every persona

CXOs choose ZingHR to increase their EBITDA margins, positively impact business outcome.

For Employees
Employee Experience – Engagement – Personalized Workspace

High productivity for Employees

For Business Manager
Alignment – Productivity – Lean Methods

Eliminating Non-Value-Adds, Improving Productivity using LEAN Methods, Agile Processes, Risk Mitigation

Empowerment – Retention – Best Practices

Empowering Teams, Fostering Collaboration, Scaling Up Productivity, Business Efficiency

Security – Business Continuity – Robust Architecture

Designing and Deploying power of Analytics, Cybersecurity, Smooth Tech Adoption, Business Scalability

Controls – EBITDA Impact – Analytics

Cost Efficiency, Increased Productivity, Compliance & Audit

Employee Centricity – Business Growth

Aligning Aspirations of Organisation & People

Business Performance – Sustainability – ESG

Business Growth, EBITDA, Governance, Compliance, ESG

Experience – Engagement – User Experience

Built for Excellence.

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