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Simple & Easy HRMS in North India

It’s time to streamline your HR processes- making the method of hiring organised, easing and simplifying your employees’ recordkeeping, restructuring the leave management and all sorts of performance reviews with the advanced new age integrated HRMS in Delhi. We provide you with the best HRMS software that provides all solutions in one application.

Switch towards an ‘Effortless’ HR Solution with ZingHR

ZingHR has been a pioneer name in the field of giving various organisations and companies with experiences like never before. We have been helping the HR department of organisations and companies with User-Friendly, AI-based HR tech solutions in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. With over 20+ languages, ZingHR is leaving no stone unturned in delivering an unmatched HR Solution to the companies based in North to be set to positively impact Business Outcomes by enhancing and strengthening the Employee Experience Platform.

We are the Trusted HR Solution Provider for Large Enterprises

With simplified and easy on-the-cloud HR processes, we have constantly been working for the betterment of the workforces by catering to entire HR challenges. Our HR analytics help you make some of the most crucial and better decisions to improve the ROI (Return on Investment).

Our HCM software is designed to deliver the best experience to even the  large Enterprises. Our payroll software is tremendously acclaimed and most sought after by all companies in Delhi and other tech cities in North India like Gurgaon and Noida. It is designed to simplify the complex payroll process by adhering to all the statutory compliance requirements. We provide each company with a payroll solution that is error-free, precise, accurate, and fully secured.

Easiest and Comprehensive Solution to all your Payroll Issues

ZingHR is a reputed name in the field of HRMS (Human Resources Management System). We have the best HRMS in North India. We, throughout these years, have been successfully catering to payroll software solution to all HR departments of renowned companies and organisations. We combine the various functionalities of HR to ensure your employee management is eased and processes are smoothened. We strive to provide

easy HR Solution

to all our clients by giving perks on the given ground—

  • A complete guided payroll processing software having extensive settlement tools with a checklist
  • Easy configuration to complex salary structure with an option to add unlimited salary components
  • Ultimate HR Solution with automated payslips and payroll inputs; generation and distribution of customised payslips
  • Cloud HRMS ensuring remotely controlled employees’ detail 

We are located in Delhi and cater to payroll services in entire Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon also. Bank on ZingHR- the trusted Payroll Software Company in Delhi.

We cater to the out-of-the-box after-sales services as well. We are passionate towards providing the companies with ultimate talent management software that would make your complex payroll calculations and processes easy.

Smart Dashboard for an Ultimate Employee Experience Platform

Now disbursement of the monthly payment in just a click instead of getting into complex, lengthy calculations. We provide you with a powerful yet simple HRMS solution that is capable of catering to all the works related to payroll.

Our payroll software is capable of computing 500 calculations in the blink of an eye. We made sure that our power studded performance management software does the processing quickly with assured accuracy and better and improved compliance.

The following are some of the advantages your business can reap by using our payroll software—

  • 100% Configurable Payroll management enabling complex calculations to be done easily.
  • On-time & Adaptable Processing of Payroll
  • Loans or Advanced Salaries can be configured with this HCM Software
  • Cloud HRMS it can be Integrated with any Satellite-based ERP solution
  • Deductions to be made in order to adjust PF in full or partial
  • Generation of nth numbers of payslip report 
  • Experience the elaborated varying increment process that is based on slab and payment cycle
  • Precisely defining the associated pay perks, earning, and recovery

Get in touch with us for Cloud HRMS

ZingHR is an employee experience platform providing an employee-centric and the best HRMS software In Delhi. Get the integrated HCM software which is designed with real-time analytics.


Determining your needs for Best HRMS In Delhi is extremely important, and it’s no easy task.Best HRMS In Delhi does the following activities: 1. Tie to the outsourced payroll application, 2. Maintains Salary History, 3. Salary Grade Analysis, 4. Easy to use report writing with the quality reports, 5. Benefits information system , 6. Custom fields or custom screen options, 7. Social action tracking, 8. Track training information, 9. Employee Self Service Option
The idea of implementing entirely new Software and ways of operating can sound terrifying, especially during a pandemic. Easy Hr Software in Delhi is straightforward u0026amp; intuitive Cloud-based HR Software for SME u0026amp; Enterprise. It provides HRIS records, leaves u0026amp; attendance, PayrollPayroll, expenses, travel, making it very easy to manage Human Capital in any organization. We know what it takes to create a collaborative, cost-effective, useful u0026amp; transparent software application.
HRIS helps with recruiting, leave management, workflows, training, development, benefits administration, self-service portals, compensation management, and personnel tracking, organizational needs often transcend the acquisition and management of knowledge. HCM Software available in Delhi includes all HRIS features like onboarding processes, analytics, and workforce planning concerning mapping the talent path ahead.
The cost of human resources (HR) software will vary counting on your company’s exact needs and expected outcomes. For many companies in the North across a majority of industries, HR Analytics systems cost depends upon the plan and requirements of the enterprise policy implementations.Our different HR analytics plans in the North are: Welcome, Power plan, Business Plan, Turbo.
A payroll software program possesses the power to attenuate some time spent on paying your employees and maximize the time you spend running your business and devoting some time to your bottom line profit. In some instances, the Payroll Software available in the North will automatically process your payroll checks, direct deposits, and quarterly and annual tax filings when purchased and maintained through a reputable vendor. As a small business owner, you would like this security net to be more focused on your business’s day-to-day operations.
Companies on online payroll solutions don’t worry about backing up their important payroll data regularly as the system undertakes this tedious activity during a scheduled automated mode. Hence, less work is imposed on corporate utilizing such online solutions on Payroll. Changes within the state or industry’s payroll requirements are easily handled with the help of a professional Payroll system in Delhi adjusting the system to cater to the changes. Hence, what must be wiped out an hour on some payroll computation are often executed during a few minutes by the computerized payroll system.

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