ZingHR Power Pack

ZingHR Power Pack

Integrate your Time & Attendance requirement with ZingHR Welcome and POWER your operations to boost employee performance.

Step up with features already added in this pack

Employee Database Management


Leave Management System


Payroll Compliances Management


Employee Creation


Compensation Structuring Engine

Full & Final Settlements

Time & Attendance Module (T&A)

Time & Attendance Module (T&A)

Automates and accelerates the T&A Management process.

Access real-time dashboards and capture T&A in multiple ways. Enjoy freedom with better control on Opex, through cloud computing.

  • Granular Attendance Management (GAM) helps define and configure multiple business rules – Allowance, Comp. Off, Extra Time, Flexi Time, Late Coming, etc.
  • Easy linking of your current T&A Biometric/Hardware devices to the ZingHR Cloud Software with Bridge Software connector
  • Multiple attendance modes (Web, Biometrics, RFID Readers, SMS, IVR) enabled with MAM Connector
  • Ensured accuracy of data into the system with role-wise approval mechanisms
  • Tracking features help track employees’ T&A information
  • Ease and accuracy in configuring complex T&A rules with a Robust Admin module
  • Reduced admin time and effort with Shift Management and Rostering Management

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Claims & Re-imbursements (CR)

Claims & Reimbursements

Unified payouts and happy employees ensured.

Claim what you are eligible for and get it processed quickly. CTC and Non-CTC Claims now linked to Payroll Compliance engine.

  • Extreme flexibility for HR to structure current practices with Unlimited Claim Types
  • Quick and correct processing assured with eligibility amount based Claims workflows
  • HR can define which groups/teams get what eligibility with Claim Balance Accruals
  • 5 Levels of Approvers, information provided to ensure all business scenarios are covered
  • Claims Tracked using the Batch Tracker

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Travel & Expenses Platform

Travel & Expenses Platform

Hassle-free budgeting platform to help employees manage travel and expenses.

Better planned travels within the set budget. Availability to exceed with permissions when required.

  • Pre-configured situation based travel requests – Applicable for use by specific roles
  • Define travel rules for specific situations using the Configuration Engine
  • Travel Workflow ensures Domestic and International Travel requests are moved through your pre-approved process
  • Travel and Claims Module linked for approval based travel budgeting
  • Enforce specific Travel policies without exception with Offset advances with Claims