Employee Time & Attendance Management Software

Employee Time & Attendance Management Software

Access real-time dashboards and capture T&A in multiple ways. Enjoy freedom with better control on Opex, through cloud computing.

Time & Attendance Management Software

ZingHR Time & Attendance Management System Software product will provide you with the power required to propel your organization to deliver maximum productivity through the use of this Time Attendance Software today.

Real-time dashboards lets you capture Time & Attendance for employees in multiple ways.

User friendliness of our Employee Time & Attendance Management Software helps you to track and optimize the hours that employees spend on the job and keep records of that. Measure time spent on creating business value through the use of the Employee Attendance Management Software that is now also available on the Mobile apps.

The Attendance Management System ensures that you get to track all your employee presence at various locations based on what is approved in his/her role. Trust this Attendance Management Software to give you the best results for your business.

Get employees to see impact on the company’s productivity through time they invest working.

Hardware Connecting Bridge Software (Connector)

Connects your Devices or Hardware containing Time & Attendance Swipe Data with the ZingHR HCM Database. This is a ZingHR exclusive feature that helps you integrate any existing current system. Don’t invest money and time integrating. Integration is quick and easy

Shift Management

Multiple Shifts, New Shift times including night shifts, multiple scenarios within shifts of different types. No problem ZingHR has it all covered. Manufacturing and service organization get all this in one go! Powerful scenario management features provide extreme ease to company HR to address issues.

Roster Management

Allows you to define a Roster Pattern which can be of custom duration (7 days OR 14 days etc) with a preset sequence of shifts defined in the system. ZingHR makes it possible for you to therefore SAVE ADMINISTRATIVE TIME & EFFORT by automating pre-defined scheduling (rostering) for ensuring daily staffing needs. Helps the HR to focus on core HR activities.
Automates the administrator activity of assigning shifts to the employees by scheduling the roster. Helps reduce burden for HR.

Multi Modal Attendance Capture Framework

Allows the managers to mark attendance for employees

Biometric Devices captures swipe data of employees and our system computes the attendance

Office/SoHo Web Punch In/Out/
Allows the employees to capture their In & Out timings through web/mobile, based on IP addresses and Geo Fencing

Granular Attendance Management

Allowance Rule (Shift Allowance) Allows computing shift allowances

Comp Off OAS Rule Allows the manager to mark Comp Off for field employees

Extra Time Rule Based on configurations, system generates Compensatory Off for eligible employees

Flexi Time Rule Allows defining minimum hours for an employee per day and specify flexible work hours

Late Coming Rule Allows defining instances/duration for Late Arrival for a day as per employees’ shifts

Pre-Post Time Rule Defines maximum Pre and Post minutes allowed from the shift for employees

Working Hours Rule Defines the minimum time required to be marked as Absent, Half Day or Present