Recruitment & Talent Management System Software

Recruitment & Talent Management System Software

Industry’s most comprehensive solution with 20 granular recruitment stages built to meet your business requirements with ease.

Recruitment Management System

ZingHR addresses business challenges for organizations which are growing whether in the early startup stages of their growth cycles or even established and mature organizations who have been using a recruitment software in their IT systems for long.

Optimized recruiter efficiency, reduced process cost and increased closure rates through better fitments in shorter timelines.

Just getting recruitment management software is no longer adequate. Business needs that must be met during the recruitment process include being able to pick up the right candidate profiles from the vast CV databases from the multiple portal sources of dated and updated fresh resumes in the marketplace with minimum effort and also the ability of the systems to follow complex business based processes of recruitments so that details are not lost out.

Among the best practices being followed by some key successful organizations globally includes providing interviewees with access to Candidate Portals so that they help fill key data even before they come to the interview locations and thereby help reduce the number of processes during the hiring process and also reduce the workload on key organizational teams during the rapid scale up phases. ZingHR addresses these comprehensively and helps organizations manage workflows independently for each different SBU (Strategic Business Unit) concurrently by provide this Recruitment Management Software .

Recruitment in today’s online world requires you to source candidates from where they spend most of their times in the e-world. Traditional portals no longer give you access to these very highly skilled profiles and so it is imperative for you to be connected to social networks that are constantly buzzing with communication on jobs and job searches for specific role profiles.

ZingHR Recruitment Management System helps you reach these media with a few clicks so that the e-social world knows the kind of talent searches you are undertaking and helps you get even better fitting profiles to result in faster successful search for team members. ZingHR is a cloud HCM platform which has Recruitment and Talent Management platforms that organizations and staffing and recruitment firms use to optimize their recruiter efficiency, reduce their process time costs and increase closure rates through better fitments in shorter timelines.

Some key benefits for customers include:

  • Extensive Recruitment processes possible across the same organization , running concurrently even if different
  • Recruitment Product Platform is linked to other Product components that are internally integrated with the Cloud HCM platform , if you the customer chooses to take them
  • Advanced Talent Management Tools that help reduce recruiter team sizes for higher closure rates and also help in Vendor Billing Management and metrics are available.
  • The systems talk to your Internal IT Systems. If they don’t , we make them talk by doing specific customization work as part of implementation.
  • All the benefits can accrue to you in less than 2 weeks of implementation, supported by our teams till you are our customer on the platform.

Use the ZingHR Recruitment Management System Platform for your organization recruitment processes to experience simplicity in complexity! Amazingly Simply!