Payroll Management Software

Payroll Management Software

ZingHR's Payroll Compliances Management suite ensures error-free processing and statutory compliances

Payroll Compliances Management

Quick implementation, complete control and accuracy assured with Payroll processing features.

ZingHR Payroll Management System Software helps companies’ process standard and complex payroll and compliances every month to get accuracy and on-time processing done successfully. It is an exceptionally straightforward, adaptable and easy to understand this Payroll software.

One of the most advanced Payroll Software of its kind globally , making payroll management happen for your organization through ZingHR is now easy to implement in less than 4-5 day.

Error Free, Hassle Free Statutory Compliances ensured!

Superfast Complex Processing Engine

The most complex enterprises in India run on this platform that has the processing ability of significantly more than 500 computations in less than a minute with zero errors !

Flexi-Format Inputs

Inputs from Biometric system punch in’s and inputs from clients depending on volume – including control on master records – you get control on uploads thru restricted id’s and de-dupe checks.

Salary Repository

Salary Slips Historical Database, Cumulative Payslip Summary, Graphical Payslips Month-wise, Cnergyis PF Deduction Computation Summary for current year, Form 16 (Yearly), Others.

Flexi Pay-out Configurator Feature

Converts Multi T&A Outputs into Appropriate Pay Heads Accurately process appropriate pay components as Chosen by the Company for these type of Pay Heads. Eg. Overtime is automatically calculated and paid out as Say Special Allowance,or Extra Shift Allowance, or Overtime Allowance as the Company may choose.

Multiple-Pay Head Group Configurator

Allows you to define multiple pay groups based on Organizational Units to create unlimited pay heads. Payroll teams can comprehensively structure the pay elements for a competent organization pay structure. Distinct employee grades/cadre rules for compensation management become very simple. Employee Claims requests for CTC re-imbursements are enabled for controlled re-imbursements management.

Online Employee Investment Declaration Feature

Employee can declare & submit their investments online with Proof Tracking by your team. Empower your employees to perform Tax Planning by declaring their investments online and instantly check the Tax impact. Empower you Payroll Team to do proof tracking for employees’ investments online for hassle free Tax compliances

Bank File Format Payment Registers

Two Banks (HDFC, ICICI), 2 Formats currently covered. You can get system generated predefined Bank file formats for payments of various other banks also.

Payroll Processing IG Engine + Individual Group Processing Feature

Company Payroll Team now has the utmost flexibility in processing payroll in terms of processing the payroll for custom employee groups. This feature empowers the Payroll team to set multiple payroll pay outs for employees.

EID Tracker Feature

Allows you to post submission of physical documents for verification. Employees get to track their status of their declarations by department. Payroll updates status separately for benefit of itself and employee.

History Records

Tracking of history records is now auto-enabled (Salary Revision history).

Helpdesk Support Functionality

Your HR/Admin teams now are able to respond to online requests for help and HR Support

Statutory Compliance Setup & Support

Customer Specific standard requirements managed automatically.

Maker Checker Feature for Data Ownership & Audits

Controlled Environment for Payroll Inputs with two levels of authorization are already enabled. You get to use them to ensure no errors and omissions.