Employee Leave Management System Software

Employee Leave Management System Software

Track & manage employee availability effectively through the ZingHR Leave Management System.

Leave Management System

ZingHR Employee Leave Management System Software helps companies align employee availability at work plans with their resource availability plans to avoid any ‘unplanned non-availability’ of employees at work. Helps employees plan their absence from work, in time!

While people may consciously discuss and debate over the issues of leave taking and the perfect number of days that an employee should be allowed to take leave for, the real onus in the matter lies with the administrative and the human resource management staff. This is the reason why it is essentially important for companies to rely on an evolved employee leave management system. We at ZingHR understand this need of the hour and step forward to help organizations to manage their leave systems with the help of employee leave management software. Add to this the fact that auto SMS alerts provide the organization a daily view of manpower availability against the weekly averages to indicate if manpower resourcing in the company on that day against weekly averages.

With the aid of the software, one may be able to not only organize the leave taking structure and system of the company but also ensure that the productivity of the organization does not take a blow in the process of granting leaves. The leave management system offered by ZingHR is one that helps in maintaining a just and fair procedure for employees. ZingHR Leave Management Software is created with a belief that the true success of a business lies in the happiness of its employees, which is why on offer is a product suite that helps in helping grow harmony amongst the employers and the employees in a system, leading to a prosperous and growth oriented company.

Integrated Resource Availability View

ZingHR allows you a window view of resources available and not,at any point in time. This ensures you have a real time view on the status since the attendance is taken from the linked biometric devices where the recommended Biometric devices are used.

Flexibility in designing Leave Workflows

Flexibility to decide what you want .Large Organizations use workflows for approval. Small and Medium complexity organizations are happy with one level approver. Employees can get higher levels of HR Services -Escalations ensure actions happen in time.

Online Leave Request Process

Quick and Easy leave requests by employees can be made which have multiple workflows automatically triggered for appropriate action by their supervisors.

Multi-Mode Approval Processes enabled

Travels and outdoors can never be a reason any more for business supervisors with leave approvals available through the system (web), email and mobile.

Historical Data Availability with Audit Trails

Never have to worry ever about who had approved leaves for resources based on sudden planning. All records are captured in the system available for use by audit subsequently, whenever required.

Custom Holiday Calendar Policies

Manage custom sets of holidays efficiently to support different geographies as a part of Organization Level. Local Holiday Policies run in parallel to national holidays in different businesses.

Best Practice Leave Builder Admin Configurator

Easily configurable leave setup from comprehensive rule set with automated balance accruals ensures that you get your Leave Modules self-configured in no time! As an administrator, you get unlimited leave types allowing you to configure each leave to suite your distinct employee groups for management and staff.Employees get custom leave rules applied to them in their ESS.