Employee Database Management Software

Employee Database Management Software

Stores your complete HR and Employee data. Offers flexibility, agility and control of business.

Employee Database Management

Engage your employees spread across geographies through ESS software – on cloud and mobile.

Get Business agility and control through its very powerful features.

ZingHR Employee Database Management Software helps companies get a quick way to assimilate all the employee data fields that are crucial and critical for your business and as required by law in this Employee Database Software. It is a single repository allowing your business teams and your HR and Administration teams to validate employee records, when and where required, provided by the employees.

This Employee Database Software enables your organization to manage all the standard and custom fields that are useful and necessary for business and HR purposes. Employee Management Software from ZingHR is flexible in its ability to create custom fields depending on specific business HR needs.

Self Service Data Management

Employees are responsible to manage their own data so that there is no pressure on the Company HR or Administration team to keep the data relevant and updated. The system is set to frequency which is pre-set when the access is partially withdrawn to each employee so that he/she can update their critical information and the system functions normally subsequently.

Sectional Control of Key Data

It is possible for customers to define which role holder on their ESS Portal sees what components of the total employee data on their screens. Therefore instead of having all data visible to all audiences, ZingHR allows specific data to be visible for specific audiences only to ensure that you see and action only what you are supposed to see.

Configuration of Special Workflows

If specific fields of data capture on updation require approvals of key managers in the organization, which may also vary from location and business, it is possible in ZingHR to create these conditions. On such a situation, ZingHR will send the updation of data request to specific emails for approval which also can have multiple levels of approvals. This makes the application very powerful in its utility.

Extensive Fields Availability

Every organization has generic employee fields that are required to be captured , like Name, Date Of Birth, PAN No, Permanent Address, etc. In addition each company has specific employee fields that are unique to its business vertical that need to be captured and are mission critical. For example , Gun license number given to the employee in a Securities firm is a unique field that the company might require to capture against each employee. ZingHR allows you the flexibility of adding unique Employee fields.

Employee Self Service Portal

This gets created automatically as a necessary pre-requisite to making HR Employee Data available on the cloud for both the Admin/HR Teams and the Employees. This also makes ZingHR ESS Portal as the default employee transaction portal on the cloud. Photographs, Scanned copies of specific documents are allowed to be uploaded on the site.

New Fields of EDM in the Product Automatically Added

ZingHR updates new generic product fields into its standard product offering, automatically every time new updates are announced. It comes to you automatically and you do not pay for it.