Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) Software

Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) Software

Engage your employees spread across geographies through ESS software - on cloud and mobile.

Employee Database Management

ZingHR Employee Self Service Portal software helps companies integrate their geographically spread employees for all Business and HR policies that have an impact on processes, operations and business productivity.
Get Employees integrated to your business and HR requirements by reaching out to them in real time.

While people may consciously discuss and debate over the issues of leave taking and the perfect number of days that an employee should be allowed to take leave for, the real onus in the matter lies with the administrative and the human resource management staff. This is the reason why it is essentially important for companies to rely on an evolved employee leave management system.

We at ZingHR understand this need of the hour and step forward to help organizations to manage their leave systems with the help of employee leave management software. Add to this the fact that auto SMS alerts provide the organization a daily view of manpower availability against the weekly averages to indicate if manpower resourcing in the company on that day against weekly averages.

With the aid of the software, one may be able to not only organize the leave taking structure and system of the company but also ensure that the productivity of the organization does not take a blow in the process of granting leaves. The leave management system offered by ZingHR is one that helps in maintaining a just and fair procedure for employees. ZingHR Leave Management Software is created with a belief that the true success of a business lies in the happiness of its employees, which is why on offer is a product suite that helps in helping grow harmony amongst the employers and the employees in a system, leading to a prosperous and growth oriented company.

Self Service Data Management

Employees are responsible to manage their own data so that there is no pressure on the Company HR or Administration team to keep the data relevant and updated. The system is set to frequency which is pre-set when the access is partially withdrawn to each employee so that he/she can update their critical information and the system functions normally subsequently.

Content & Knowledge Repository

ZingHR Employee Self Service software allows you to upload content policies of various types as authorized by HR and Business to be visible for either views or even downloads by employees if the organization allows the same. It acts as a powerful content repository and so no separate places to store the same are required in the company.

Common Company Employee Portal

Organizations spend time, effort and resources to create independent portals on their websites trying to integrate employee needs and their reaching out requirements. ZingHR provides your organization an Employee Portal that becomes the default self-service medium and mechanism for the employees and the organization to engage meaningfully. The portal gets your custom skin logos and allows your employee to quickly use the same.

Business Messaging Platform

The ZingHR ESS portal Administration section allows the Business and HR teams to use the portal to reach out to its employees across geographies and roles with selective business messages or content that have a direct impact on people productivity or even for business news broadcasting. It is a very powerful messaging platform that can be used to maximize competitive strengths in the market. You do not need to use emails to reach out to them separately anymore.

Role Based Views

Employees get to see what they are supposed to see based on their roles and geographies. ZingHR allows you this flexibility of deciding what can be shown to what kinds of employee profiles beside the common business messaging/broadcasts for the company employees by the executive management.