Claims Management Software (CLM)

Claims Management Software (CLM)

Claim what you are eligible for and get it processed quickly. CTC and Non-CTC Claims now linked to Payroll Compliance engine.

Claims & Re-imbursements

ZingHR Claims Management Software (CLM) product software will quickly help employees get back monies they have invested in expenses for the company based on what they are eligible for. It is a single repository allowing your business teams and your HR and Administration teams to validate employee effort, claims.

Flexible claim configuration as per your company policy and employee levels for quick processing.

ZingHR’s Employee Creation module meets demanding business requirements while ensuring that critical hiring processes are taken care of.

  • No process compromises as businesses get full support in helping new recruits to join
  • Manual and Automated methods for quick capture of mandatory employee pre-hire data
  • Business and HR gets unified view of controls and clearances accorded to candidates
  • Manual and Automated Generation tools for Employee Code after the Employee Master Database is created
  • Maker Checker Automation Controls pre-configured for error free data capture and reporting
  • Suited best for Quick Growth businesses that need an automated hiring process
Multi-Mode Approval Processes enabled

As an individual or as an organization, ZingHR allows you to define eligibility rules for claims. HR is now empowered to define different eligibility amounts for distinct employee groups/cadres with the added flexibility to have it set differently at each employee level.

Claim Balance Accruals now Automatic

Set up rules and to claim balance accruals automatically through the system. This gives the Finance and HR teams a tremendous flexibility for defining refined caps on claiming expenses by groups/individuals/cadres

SETOFF feature

For claim type called ‘Advance Claim’, the SETOFF feature in the CLM Configurator is available which helps to manage the most complex situations in companies for claim & accounting processing.

New Fields of EDM in the product automatically added

ZingHR updates new generic product fields into its standard product offering, automatically every time new updates are announced. It comes to you automatically and you do not pay for it.

Set Up Approvers, Configure Verifiers

Basis organizational units, claim amount slabs or an individual employee name, ZingHR is a master of permutations when it comes to allowing you extreme flexibility. Now ensure authenticity of the expenses with added level of Verifier on top of 5 approver levels leverages any adjustment to be made for handling exceptions and validating the actual proofs for the incurred expenses.

Tracking of Claims Payments Online

Allows your administrator / finance / accounts team to group all verified claims and mark them in an unique Batch. The Claims Batch can be tracked for payment done/not done in the system. Employee benefits by receiving intimation through system on paid and unpaid claims. Saves Finance team’s time for addressing such queries. ZingHR is designed to simply your life and make employees love their jobs!

5 Level Advanced Configuration Based Workflow Setup

Ensure you have controlled Budget expenses. ZingHR provides you with 5 levels of approvals if required. HR & Payroll expense requests by employees can now be easily controlled and monitored.

Claims Eligibility Definition

Never have to worry ever about who had approved leaves for resources based on sudden planning. All records are captured in the system available for use by audit subsequently, whenever required.

Claim Type Definitions Unlimited

ZingHR CLM Configurator provides you with immense flexibility to define your own claim types in the CTC and non-CTC categories, if they are not already available pre-configured in the system. Never be worried about all your non-standard claim types any more. We have them covered completely.

Both Claim Types Covered

CTC and non-CTC claims are covered completely in the Configurator. All claims are covered.