The Changing Face of HR Function within an Organisation​

HR has always been a strategic function and a business partner, but now boards are calling on HR Leaders to impact and deliver tangible business benefits.

Can HR directly impact board-level goals like Topline, EBIDTA margins, ESG amongst others?

Outcomation is a radical approach that can empower HR Functions to impact outcomes in alignment with the organization’s business strategies, goals, and objectives. ​

Conventional automation tools focus on improving the means, while Outcomation focuses on the alignment of any process with the stated purpose​. The tools and systems employed should not be used just for measuring performance, but systems have to be accountable for ensuring it.​

The OutcomationTM Framework

Aligning Aspirations of Organisation and People

Designing and Deploying Power of Analytics

Attracting, Engaging & Nurturing Talent. Employer Branding

Eliminating Non-Value-Adds, Productivity Gains using LEAN Methodologies

Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC), Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), Data Privacy, GDPR

Empowering Teams, Fostering Collaboration, Wellness, Inclusion

How do we Understand these Business Drivers?

Metrics such as Happiness Index, Alignment Index and Empowerment Index are collated to better understand a company’s business drivers. These metrics form the cornerstone of our Outcomation Framework and allow us to highlight how the HR functions can influence a business driver for the company.

We call this an Outcomation Index

From here we overlay personas from the business to ensure we understand how these stakeholders directly impact, and are impacted by a business driver. We look at their journey in the context of both process and outcomes.

Understanding Business Drivers

Here is a graphical representation showcasing a snapshot of how Business Drivers align with the Outcomation Index.