Talent Management Challenges of the New Age HR

As appeared in the Human Capital Magazine – June 2017. Talent Management is a strategic function that involves understanding of the human capital needs of the organization. The new age HR is entrusted with the responsibility of recruiting, developing, training, rewarding and retaining the right talent. The global business environment is increasingly witnessing more diverse and dynamic workplaces. Businesses are innovating and transforming to become world class organizations. Enabling this change is the adoption of technology, across industries and the evolution of the workforce. At the crux of this continuous change are businesses that strive to stay ahead of the curve in the face of multifold complexities.  Digital is changing the way companies are running their business. Workplaces are revolutionizing to fit the needs of the workforce that is more digital, diverse, and competitive today, since a decade ago. The most significant challenge then becomes attracting the right talent and keeping them engaged in the long run. The article appeared on Human Capital Magazine – Special issue. Read the complete article here.

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