Microsoft Ventures Plans A Come Back To India, Targets New Age Tech Startups

Microsoft Ventures Is Looking To Invest In Startups Working In IoT, Blockchain, Autonomous Vehicles ZingHR is one of the tech startups to have partnered with Microsoft to work and develop AI technologies. ZingHR is transforming the way organizations recruit with Artificial Intelligence. Completely automating the candidate shortlisting process, ZingHR’s AI capabilities can help recruiters define over 94 parameters that will help them predict and hire only the best from the talent pool. Saves shortlisting time by 92%. Reduces recruitment costs by 66%. Improves Efficiency by 70%. Excerpt from the article: After a long absence, Microsoft is now planning to revive Microsoft Ventures in India. As per reports, the tech giant is looking to open an office and invest in Indian tech startups using new age technologies like autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. Microsoft India also claimed that it is helping 650 India-based partners use the Microsoft cognitive services, IoT, AI and machine learning platforms to build solutions for India. Over the last year, Microsoft and its partners have deployed AI solutions in areas such as healthcare, education, agriculture, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and financial services. Read more on Inc42.

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