Celebrating #Zingathon: 30 Hours of Disruptive Innovation

In line with our objectives to empower employees with better work experience, the teams at ZingHR participated in a 30-hour Hackathon held at the ZingHR office, from 28th – 29th April, 2017. The objective of the Hackathon, now coined as ‘Zingathon’ by Mr. Prasad Rajappan, Founder & MD, ZingHR, was to hack the existing product and work on the new-age modules like Chatbots, Machine Learning, Geo-Fencing, Onboarding, Biometric attendance and HRMS automation. Zingathon saw varied innovative breakthroughs in product that provided innovative solutions to the daunting problems that the HR faces today. ZingHR brought together teams to identify and build disruptive products, harnessing creativity and innovative streak. The teams worked for 30 hours non-stop to brainstorm, design, develop, test and implement solutions that are ready for the modern organizations to use. Our enthusiastic teams made Zingathon a huge success. Intensive brainstorming sessions, developing, designing, product building for 30 long hours. Overlooking the entire session were highly reputed industry stalwarts who presided over to judge Zingathon. The honorable Judges at the event include Mr. Devatanu Banerjee, Head, Innovations – Social Business & New Media, Digital Transformation & Mobility Banking – HDFC Bank, Mr. Saroj Nanda, Director, PrismRay Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Pranesh Suvarna, Manager, Innovations – Social Business & New Media, Digital Transformation & Mobility Banking – HDFC Bank. The judges were extremely impressed by the quality of innovative thinking and product building and commented that at this pace, ZingHR is sure on its way to become a global company. Team Bio-Men bagged the first prize after hacking their way to innovating and making customer bio-metric data, ZingHR ready! Team ‘Fus ro dah’ bagged the second prize for creating ‘Virtual reality based recruitment’ and Web RTC library. Winners stood to get cash prizes and Enrich Salon gift vouchers!

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