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SAAS is one of the leading HR solutions that aim at reducing the workload of HR professionals and streamlining HR-related activities. The cloud based HR SAAS Software is hosted by Zing HR and is available on a subscription basis. Being one of the finest HR software providers in the country, Zing HR brings to you contemporary SAAS HRMS solutions that are ergonomic and loaded with advanced features. At Zing HR, we constantly strive to update our offerings and introduce innovative HR solutions that are in vogue and cost-effective too. 

Key Features of Zing HR SAAS HR Solutions:

  • Facilitates HR Administrative Tasks: One of the greatest challenges that HR personnel faces is maintaining the records and database of the employees. SAAS HR system makes this an easy-going task with its amazing features. It allows HR personnel to systematically keep all the data of employees including their profile at one destination. Apart from this SAAS HR Solutions also stores the employment life cycle transactions, Employee benefits, Service portal etc.
  • Expedites HR Service Management: SAAS HR solutions enable one to organize the work environment in the organization with efficient service management. It maintains an employee handbook, knowledge base and assists employees with virtual assistance and chatbots for employees. It also keeps corporate policies and procedures safe and secure.
  • Simplifies Talent Management: Managing a large number of employees is not an easy job. It requires lots of attention to detail and agility at all times. HR SAAS Software simplifies performance management and talent acquisition tasks. It enables onboarding, recruiting, performance management, competency management, succession planning, learning, development, rewards and recognition organized and cohesive.
  • Streamlines Workforce Management: SAAS HR System can efficiently manage attendance, absence, track activities, payroll calculation, and employee scheduling. The HR SAAS Payroll management is bespoke and can be modified as per the organizational policies and protocols.
  • Comprehensive ERP: THE SAAS HR system by ZingHR creates a cumulative database which is easy to access, modify and review. It helps one to analyze the employee performance based on the KPIs and then strategize HR Activities.

Zing HR is one of the finest and professional HR SAAS companies. We have an extensive range of HR software that caters to the varied needs of our clients and increases the overall efficiency of HR Teams. Our software and HR solutions aim at automatizing the routine tasks and several HR processes. 

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