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Conquering the marketplace becomes easy when you win your workplace. The HR department is the backbone of any company as it manages the most important resource of the company that is manpower. Everything will be optimized if the brains of the company are trained properly. ZingHr online software is the best tool available in the market to manage your HR department competently to increase the efficiency of the company.

The major benefit of our online HR app is equality. The software cannot be bias as human beings sometimes are. The up-to-date data is collected and accurately processed which is available for analysis to the HR management. This ensures a quick and fair decision that motivates the employees.

Our Leading Services Provided by Our Online HR Portal are:

  • Online Recruitment Software

The success of any organization depends on the right number and skilled professionals who in turn increase productivity. Our online HR software keeps track of the recruitment and promotion of the employees keeping the organization going. 

  • Online Employee Management system working round the clock providing wide-ranging digital services that include:
    • Biometric attendance and leave record, 
    • Digital onboarding
    • Geofencing
    • Talent record
    • Training and LMS
    • Payroll management etc.
  • Online HR Software for Small Business

You may be a small business, but if you have big dreams ZingHR will help you to build a successful business. When you are growing, expert hands are required to undertake tedious jobs. ZingHR’s online HR software design is highly professional and available for small businesses at affordable rates allowing them to think bigger and better.

Our Web-based HR management software supplies all kinds of day to day services as well as also handles the specialized task. If your company has many bases then the online HR software keeps you updated regarding the availability of the staff that allows you to schedule the task and avoid the circumstances as ‘unavailability of the employees’. Our online HR platform is well connected with the cloud software that allows easy access to the information.

Our online HR portal is specially designed keeping in mind the new technology and HR policies that automatically guide and support decision making. We are proudly associated with many esteemed companies that are enjoying our seamless services. Our multitasking online HR app is one of the leading software providing comprehensive tools that manage your HR task efficiently. If you are a growing firm and looking to win the promising market, then be a partner with ZingHr for the best online HR solutions.

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Benefits Of Online HR Software

An online HR platform helps you in so many ways. First of all, it comes with time-sheets that help you get a fair idea of how people working in your company are spending their time. Employees, in this case, have the benefit of being able to update their own time-sheets and send them for approval to their superiors. These systems also come with the attendance module that helps you monitor the punch in and punch out times of your employees. These systems also make processing payroll a lot easier. These systems can create payroll reports that can be used by third-party payroll processing applications.

Why Should Every Company Have Online HR Software?

The first reason why every company should use an online HR portal is that it makes tough work such as payroll so very easier. With these systems, you can easily create payroll reports according to the rules and regulations that your company may have in this particular regard. These software systems are capable of supporting a wide range of pay periods and payroll groups for applying only certain payroll processing rules. They help you export these reports properly as well. Yet another major benefit of these systems is expenses management. This makes your claim management work a lot easier as well.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities


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