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The Best Human Resource Management Apps Company: ZingHR

Human Resources is one of the most important functions of any organization. An efficiently run human resource team in the organization plays an important role in acquiring the right talent, maintaining organization culture, harmony, design company policies and looking at human resource development in the organization. To give a boost to the task of human resource manager and integrate functions like hiring, onboarding, appraisals, payroll management and a host of other tasks, you need human resource management software.

Zing HR is a leading provider of Human Management Software for companies of all sizes. We aim to equip the human resource team with the right tools and functionalities to increase their efficiency and at the same time improve organizational well-being and employee satisfaction. We have meticulously designed human resource management solutions for enabling human resource teams in the organization to boost company productivity. 

So what is the human resources system or the human resource manager system from ZingHR?

The comprehensive Human Resource Management solution by ZingHR is designed to help most of the HR roles that can be automated so that human resource managers and their teams can focus on improving the softer skills of their employees. The system automates a lot of the HR tasks reducing time and effort required by the HRs. Some modules of our complete human resource solutions are:

  • Recruitment Management – Increasingly recruitment is being done through digital means. At ZingHR, we have designed human resource software in such a way that it can be integrated with the prominent online job portals and social media websites. This integration enables you to locate the right candidate for a particular job. The HR software provides a structured approach to recruitment right from helping shortlist candidates to unbiased interviewing to onboarding. All data of candidates is stored in one place making analyzing easier and faster. The HRMS can also connect you to some of the biggest human resources companies in case you need an extremely specific candidate or hire top management for large corporates. 
  • Training Management – Training and Development is one of the most important HR functions and an area which can help companies grow and thrive. The Human Resource Management System keeps a track on the various competencies of a particular employee and provides information on which competencies does the employee need training. The software keeps a real-time track of the training schedule of each employee and plays a major role in the development of employees. 
  • Performance Management / Appraisal – The ZingHR HRMS is designed considering the best human resources solutions followed by leaders globally. The performance management system ensures that all employees work to achieve strategic business objectives. The software assists HR and business heads set reasonable expectations and keep a real-time track on the performance of their colleagues. This data allows a thorough appraisal of every employee and then one can decide on reasonable compensation and benefits packages for every employee. 
  • Leave and Payroll Management – The task of keeping a track of the daily attendance, leaves and timekeeping of every employee can be easily done through our Human Resource management solution. The software is integrated into the biometric attendance tracker so that there is no ambiguity on the attendance of any employee. The software also has a leave management system where the individual business heads can approve or reject leaves applied by their colleagues. The HRMS is also integrated with the payroll management that can help HRs easily compute the right monthly salaries to be paid to individual employees. Also, the HRMS can be connected to the income tax website so that tax calculation and tax collection happens seamlessly. 
  • Employee Database Management – Keeping a track of the data of every employee to an organization is a rather cumbersome task and requires a lot of space and time. Using the human resource management information system software, you can securely keep a track of all your employee data right from the time of application to interviewing to training to even resignation. ZingHR strives to streamline your processes through paperless human resource software.

Keeping in view the changing requirements of current times, ZingHR has come up with various human resource management apps that enable HRs to manage their operations from their homes. Some features that our corporate human resource solutions can offer are:

  • User-Friendly that can be used by Managers and HRs easily 
  • Dashboards provide real-time access to data across multiple locations
  • Cloud-based is stored securely on the cloud and so you need not invest in costly data storage hardware 
  • Customizable according to the needs of individual businesses and budgets
  • Smooth integration across modules and also with job portals or tax websites. 
  • Compatible with computers, mobiles and tablets
  • Human Resource software for small business or large businesses

Call us now to know more about the various features of our complete human resources solutions and understand how you can improve HR functions in your organization and provide a boost to productivity.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities


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