ZingHR: Best HRMS in India

The success of a company or a business completely depends on its employees. Thus, recruiting the correct candidates is crucial. ZIngHR with its many key features will help you to not only acquire the correct employees but also help to manage them smoothly. Avail of our best-in-class HRMS software that is best suited to acquire employees from both India or Internationally. 

HR plays an important role in maintaining a healthy work environment. The performance, as well as employee satisfaction, falls under the responsibility of HR. Based on this, ZingHR brings you the best HRMS in India that seamlessly manages all payroll management. 

Why Indian Companies Rely on ZingHR HRMS Payroll?

Apart from being easy to use, our HRMS software has all the necessary tools to make payroll management easy. 

Easy employee channelling Don’t limit your employee acquisition to India. ZingHR gets to hire top candidates from all over the world. With us, get to integrate and access all job portals that give you the flexibility to check and manage all applications based on your requirements. 

  • Digital Onboarding Process

Create a rapid onboarding process with the ZingHR HRMS system. You get to screen and customize and create e-appointment letters. Additionally, get to easily maintain their pay structures and office hierarchies. 

  • Employee Satisfaction

Enable a cloud-based rapid claim acquisition process. Monitor and manage the claim request from anywhere. From designating limits for individual employees to accepting their claims, ZingHR payroll HRMS helps to do it seamlessly. Moreover, ensure 100% employee satisfaction with on-time salary payments. 

  • Talent Monitoring

Get to create a benchmark to increase employee productivity. Conduct easy employee reviews with the best HRMS system in India. Get to schedule review processes to monitor their performance, based on which get to create digital appraisal letters or conduct training sessions. 

  • Digital Resignation

ZingHR HRMS software benefits both employers and employees. It helps to generate online resignation requests and ensures to clear off any payment dues. Herewith, ZingHR helps you to maintain a healthy relationship with your employees even after their resignation.

Why Rely on ZingHR?

With ZingHR engages in hassle-free payroll management. Get the flexibility to monitor the performance of an employee and also maintain their demands even if you are not present physically. With the flexibility to work remotely and providing with all the necessary tools to run a smooth business, ZingHR’s HRMS software solution has become a leading name in India

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities