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  • Human Resource Information System: Things You Should Know

    The Human Resources technology eases up the work of companies and organizations by performing delicate steps and tasks that are concerned with plans, recruitments, payroll, monitoring and even performances. 

    What is the HRIS Software?

    HRIS software is a solution for the management and optimization of the regular human resources tasks and the objective of the goal of the human resources for the organization. Zinghr offers the best online HRIS for better management of an organization. Our HRIS software enables the staff and managers of HR to productively use their time and efforts.

    What is the HRIS System?

    Human Resource Information System is online software that leads to easy management of data tracking, data entry and even data management with the help of HRIS portal. This software concerns with the management of data related to human resources operations of any organization

    WEB-BASED HRIS: – If you have a business enterprise and you require a Human Resource Technology then give a shot to web-based HRIS. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using web-based HRIS. You need to be familiar with both to proceed further.


    • It is available easily as soon as the company pays for the web-based HRIS systems. There is no need to install any more applications to get the web-based HRIS. 
    • Regular backups are possible through web-based HRIS which means there will be no loss of data.

    CLOUD HRIS: A cloud HRIS or a cloud Human Resource Information System that helps companies intact the information and data of employees at a particular, accessible location that is safe and secured. Getting access to these data is super-fast and can be done from anywhere and anytime from devices that have the right internet connection.

    The cloud-based HRIS systems can be of advantage at many points. Some of them are as follows: 

    • Cloud-based HRIS improves the level of protection by performing regular backups for the HRIS data.
    • It guards and prevents any unauthorized action in the HRIS.
    • It will also prevent extra and unnecessary paperwork since all the information will now be stored at a secure place in a secure cloud.

    The cloud HRIS systems have been implemented by many multinational companies and organizations. Besides this, it has saved a lot of money and time. 

    HRIS AND PAYROLL SOFTWARE- Many businesses have used payroll software for performing actions such as maintenance of salary, the process of payroll, every detail of employees in the company. Here are some features of best HRIS and payroll software:

    • Ergonomically Designed – The interface of HR software has a simple yet solid feature. It is suitable for average size business and it makes the migration of data from normal spreadsheets to advanced HRIS easier.
    • Capable of Handling Multiple Tasks – The system comprises all the designs along with effortlessly workflows and accelerated HR. Using it is a simple process and provides personalization too. 
    • Bespoke- The HRIS software is specially constructed for small and medium-sized businesses. It includes benefits, payroll (the payroll provides advanced HR needs to the organization). Here, all the HR solutions range is placed at a single platform for efficient management.

    BEST HRIS SYSTEMS FOR LARGE COMPANIES– There are many HRIS systems for large companies. We are associated with the top HRIS systems for offering cutting edge Hr solutions to large companies: Our HR software systems consist of a total package of solutions that includes activities such as recruitment, payroll, learning management, on-boarding, off-boarding, time and attendance and more. We make sure that the user has received the right HR experience. Our HR system eases up the stress of the staff and the HR manager with simplified Hr processing. We have successfully collaborated uncountable employee benefits to provide clients with both the benefits of technology and expertise. 

    These are some of striking features and benefits of our top-rated HRIS systems that you can use for your organization depending on your requirements. Many companies seek the help of these HRIS to make the HR process easier, you can do that too by choosing wisely. 

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities


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