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Online HR Software In India

What is HR System?

HR systems involve storing of Hr information, processing it, and reporting the same. An HR system can be at times complex and involves lots of attention to detail. Efficient and organized HR software solutions can ensure the smooth functioning of the HR activities and easy management of human resources. Top HR software in India is embedded with the latest features and ergonomic dashboard to allow smooth processing of information and systematic computation.

Zing HR brings to you an array of HR systems in India power-packed with a simple interface and comprehensive Hr solutions. We are the finest HR Company in India offering state of the art all in one hr software.

These days, India has become a country that is looking to compete with the biggest economies of the world and as such the businesses over here are using all the latest technologies such as HR management system. There are several good reasons for such usage as well. These HR systems are said to be capable of saving a lot of time and money of your company and thus providing you handsome returns on the money that you have invested in the same. These systems can take care of a wide range of work on behalf of your organization:

  • Human Resource Management:  The most obvious function of best Hr software solutions is to ensure smooth and efficacious management of the workforce in the organization. The Top HR software has some of the best features to automate several Hr functions. It promotes systematic management of resources and benefits administration by enabling them to concentrate on fruitful activities such as planning new recruitment, training modules, etc.
  • Recruitment Management: Hr software companies in India comprehend the importance of recruitment and new talent acquisition and therefore these best HR software for small business cumulates several media together to facilitate new talent acquisition and streamline the recruitment process.
  • Attendance Management: Hr software has some of the best apps for HR management, which help to maintain the record of leave and attendance of the employees. These apps make maintaining track of the employee an easy job especially when the workforce is huge.
  • Leave Management: Top HR software has a simple and easy to access system that helps to manage the leaves of the employees. Zing HR introduces advanced HR software in Dina with a cohesive leave management feature.
  • Payroll Management: Computing and calculating the payroll of the employees is a cumbersome and complicated task. HR software ensures efficient and efficacious payroll management. The automatic systems accurately calculate the payroll of the employees taking into consideration their working hours, attendance, leave, etc.
  • Travel, Claim, and Helpdesk Management: HR software provides an accessible platform to employees for any queries. 
  • Performance Management: Hr software aids one to analyze the performance of employees based on KPIs and contemporary performance management systems.
  • Learning Management: Online HR Company gives utmost emphasis on the learning and training sessions of the employees. The software has a systematic planner to plan and manage training seminars of the employees.

With the help of HR management software in India, you can create hierarchies in your organization and personalize your organization’s home page. You can also use such software to set reports and forms for each level of users in your organization. These systems also let you generate any number of HRIS (human resource information system) reports by using features such as employee search engine and report designer. With the help of these systems, you can also manage the recruitment process of your organization.

With such software, you can easily upload staff requisitions straightaway and download CVs (curriculum vitae) of candidates who would be relevant to the job profile that you are looking to fill. It can also help you conduct tests and select the best employees.

Charges & Plans Available For HR Software

Normally, the HR management solutions offered by various service providers come in different forms. It all depends on the company that is making the product and selling it in the market. Now, whatever may the case be there are two major variations. In one case you have companies that offer you products with a full suite of features. That is the only kind of product that they offer and you can expect these to be a bit on the costly side. Apart from these, you have companies that offer these solutions in 3 variants – basic, mid-level, and high level.

How Much Time It Will Take To Implement The HR Software Plan?

If you buy the best HR management software you can be sure that it would not take long for the system to be implemented across your organization. It has normally been seen that these systems blend in seamlessly with your existing one. It also helps that they are as simple and user-friendly as it gets. This means that just about anyone who has a basic sense of working with computers should be able to work with these as well and face no problems at all. However, if you buy a cheap system of poor quality it could take a long time.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities