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A Southeast Asian nation known for its tropical beaches, ancient ruins, historical ornate temples, royal palaces and more, Thailand is a country that is deeply integrated with central Asian countries yet isolated enough to benefit from the maritime trade route inflexions. A beautifully diverse country with its capital as Bangkok, Thailand is famous for its street food and its centuries-old association with Buddhism. The economy of Thailand is heavily export-oriented as it traverses for over 2/3rd of the entire country’s GDP. But with newfound confidence with industrialisation, Thailand is transforming its entire commercial landscape from being an anchor economy to other countries to becoming a self-reliant and self-sustained one. And with this added development, the tourism sector, which is already a big part of the country’s business infrastructure is expected to see a boost.

Get Technologically Sentient

  •   ZingHR is a marquee cloud-based HRMS solution that is backed by Microsoft and is one of the best HRMS platforms for businesses of all sizes and industries.
  •   An AI reliant HCM space that is highly integrated with AI/ML technologies and utilizes cloud computing and real-time synchronisation to effectively mobilize teams, build worker efficiency and increase productivity and delivery output.
  •   ZingHR is the go-to HRMS system for SMBs, startups and MNCs alike as it is highly scalable, functional and immensely practical to meet the client’s standards and often time elevate them.

Customize your HRMS experience

  •   ZingHR, an enterprise HRMS, is known for its versatility and ability to adapt itself to client’s requirements and it deploys special features in its offerings that are specifically catered towards its individual clients.
  •   For SMBs and startups, the firm’s platform positions unique deliverables that are dedicated to improving the resourcefulness of startups, which generally suffer from budget constraints.
  •   In Thailand, ZingHR, the best enterprise HR software, not only provides innovative management techniques and employee metrics for proper channelling of skills and resources but also employs strategic measures for proper utilisation of funds and human capital which boosts productivity.

Manage Your Entire Workforce in one place

  •   ZingHR help firms in internal time management, employee scheduling, leave sanctions, zero-touch payroll processing, hiring and retention algorithms, and more.
  •   From hiring to retiring, ZingHR is fully equipped to take onto any HR processes and help the firm focus on more important works and projects without divulging a ridiculous amount of time in accessing the company health and performance for company’s output and elevated productivity give the ultimate metric of a well functioning firm.
  •   ZingHR, the best HR software for enterprises and large companies, is an essential tool for HRs and firms and is a revolutionary HRMS system offering AI-backed analytical services with fast implementation, ease of use and a load of features in its portfolio.
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Embrace a Precise, Secure and Able Management System

ZingHR is Thailand’s best cloud HR software solution designed for all kinds of workplace modes and modules.

At ZingHR, we understand the need for security, privacy and a completely reliable management system for businesses. Thus, our software provides the best mix of control, features and integration.

ZingHR brings an all-around solution to all HR functionalities such as hiring, retention, digital onboarding, payroll processing, employee tracking, internal management and more.

ZingHR is highly flexible for businesses of all sizes and domains and is the most ideal solution for your entire HR need.

Fully Integrated HRMS System

  •   A fully functional and integrated HRMS system.
  •   Ensure security and privacy for your data.
  •   Synchronised workflow that is integrated and assimilated in real-time.
  •   Over-the-cloud HR compliance system.
  •   Easy to use with a simplified multi-flow user interface.
  •   Ensure your workflow the blessing of anytime-ready service.
  •   The best cost-to-performance HCM platform.
  •   Access the entire HRMS suite across a range of devices and platforms.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities