HR Payroll Software in Sydney

Best HR Payroll Software in Sydney

With the HR’s work getting complex day after day, HRMS companies come in to the rescue. Providing a combination of artificial intelligence & human resource, we bring to you a software that isn’t just all machines but also a whole lot of humans too. Since we believe in human over resources, we bring a platform that is not just agile but also user-friendly. HRMS companies in Sydney aim to provide the best services to companies, but can they provide it all under one roof is the question. Why do a constant juggle between various software when you can do it all in one?

ZingHR provides a helping hand to organizations to go beyond automation, & deliver a solution that could directly impact business outcomes & enhance employee experience. ZingHR aims for an employee-centric & mobile-first approach.

What are the different modules we offer?

Hire to retire, everything from onboarding an employee to their exit is managed by the software. A cloud-based software that keeps all data stored & secured in its database. To name a few modules that we have to offer:

  • 1.Talent Acquisition
  • 2.ESS (Employee Self-Service), Social, & MSS (Actions Manager Self-Service) Management
  • 3.Digital On-Boarding
  • 4.Talent & Performance Management
  • 5.Time & Leave Management
  • 6.Learning Management
  • 7.Travel & Expense Management
  • 8.E-Separation Management
  • 9.Payroll Management
  • 10.Lifecycle Events Management

Our team proactively works on developing many other modules that can help with the growth of the employees as well as that of an organization. We analyse the gaps in the market & work on the best possible solution for it. Always forward, never back; as they say.

We provide HRMS solutions to enterprises of Sydney & also start-ups. We believe that we stand among one of the best HRMS platforms in Sydney, with services of payroll & performance management as well, ZingHR is an all-rounder.

Why should you trust HRMS?

We would say, why wouldn’t you? HRMS on cloud, does not just keep safe but also makes sure that the data provided is reliable & unbiased. Let’s face the facts, no matter how much you try manually to get everything perfect, in the end, we’re all human & make errors. With an HRMS platform, the room for error is so much less. Other reasons to pick an HRMS software in Sydney would be, it would build a smoother flow of communication & have all employee records stored in one centralized database.

We hope to have caught your eye by now. To know more about ZingHR, you can always get in touch with us!

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities


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