HR Software in Meerut

Get your Best HR Software in Meerut

What does HR Software do?

Best HR software in Meerut can help you in many aspects of the employee lifecycle. It can store and organise employee data.

  • 1.Time and Attendance tracking
  • 2.Applicant Tracking System
  • 3.Gauge Employee Engagement
  • 4.Performance Management Software
  • 5.Onboarding Software API Integrations
  • 6.Recruitment Management Software

ZingHR has the right team of consultants and professionals to work on the business needs of the client. The employee data is kept safe and secure on the cloud HRMS software. We ensure you have the best HR software in Meerut and HR software companies in Meerut.

Get Quick Summary of Time and Attendance

If you are a progressive fast-growing Enterprise ZingHR’s online time and attendance software manage the attendance for your employees. This Best HR software in Meerut can help you in the growth of your company.

Quick Apply for Leave

Best HR software in Meerut can allow your employees to apply for the leaves from mobile apps and web HRMS portal. ZingHR HR and Payroll software companies in Meerut can provide you with all such features in the HCM platform.

Geo-Fencing Based Punch In and Out

You can manage your remote work from the home workforce with a Geo-fencing punch in and out. facility. It can help you digitally connect your workforce and increase productivity. Geo-fencing lets you collaborate and manage remote employees while enabling businesses to efficiently track time and measure efficiency.

Chatbots – Your Very Own HR Assistant

Best HR software in Meerut has HR Chatbots that are intuitively designed to improve employee productivity and efficiency, the ZingHR chatbot can be designed to behave like a virtual HR. It can simulate and carry out a real-time conversation with employees and respond to all HR related queries instantly, hence enabling a smarter way to engage 24X7. Switch to a better experience for your employees.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities