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Located in the North Atlantic and part of the Emerald Isle, the Republic of Ireland, officially known as Ireland, is an island nation of Northwestern Europe that covers five-sixths of the island of Ireland. The country which is a part of the EU has its capital in Dublin. Ireland shares its only land border with Northern Ireland, which is a part of the UK. The economy of Ireland is very advanced and diverse and is ranked very highly on various metrics of global economic rankings. And owing to this, the country is the best location for FDI flow in the entire world. Ireland enjoys multilateral ties with many high functioning countries and global corporations that help it leverage its multifaceted economic structure to accommodate fast development, increased iterative measures and a holistic purview of the international trade relations that the country has.

The most affable HRMS software solution

  •   ZingHR, the best HR software for enterprises and large companies, helps with effective internal management, increased productivity and work efficiency and elevated resourcefulness.
  •   ZingHR is the ultimate cloud-based HRMS platform that is backed by Microsoft and is highly integrated with cloud computing, AI and behavioural ML.
  •   ZingHR, the best enterprise HR software, is the go-to HRMS system for SMBs, startups and MNCs alike as it is highly scalable, functional and immensely practical to meet the client’s standards and often time elevate them.

Get Technologically Sentient

  •   With AI aided processes and embedded analytical perspectives, ZingHR can very easily and fluently carry onward hirincesses on a massive scale and conduct interviews simultaneously with robotic interviewg pros.
  •   Zero-touch payroll is a big part of ZingHR’s methodology wherein firms can access always-ready payroll data, compare salary components with ease, get real-time salary projections and have overviews to cost monitoring of company resources all by eliminating additional salary generation steps that let payroll processing be faster, smoother, and more efficient.
  •   ZingHR uses its smart AI integration and ML behavioural recognition to not only track the performance metrics of employees but also assesses individual trends to predict possible resignation patterns.

Unleash the power of smart HR Tech

  •   ZingHR’s AI is helpful to assess employee performance, analyze skill requirements in the firm, identify job competencies and match potential candidates, and identify potential biases in internal management systems as well as in the hiring processes. It presents deeper insights for performance check measures as well as provides a more robust framework for faster work allocation, efficient skill mapping and elevated output delivery.
  •   ZingHR’s cloud-based platform utilizes real-time synchronization to leverage employee time scheduling and management for proper track of leave sanctions and worker balance within the firm so that projects aren’t delayed and deliveries are time-optimum.
  •   ZingHR’s portfolio speaks for itself and our tremendous support platform and continuous cloud monitoring with the latest security patches is the reason why we are the best HRMS platform in Wellington.
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Embrace a Precise, Secure and Able Management System

ZingHR is Ireland’s best cloud HR software solution designed for all kinds of workplace modes and modules.

At ZingHR, we understand the need for security, privacy and a completely reliable management system for businesses. Thus, our software provides the best mix of control, features and integration.

ZingHR brings an all-around solution to all HR functionalities such as hiring, retention, digital onboarding, payroll processing, employee tracking, internal management and more.

ZingHR is highly flexible for businesses of all sizes and domains and is the most ideal solution for your entire HR need.

Fully Integrated HRMS System

  •   A fully functional and integrated HRMS system.
  •   Ensure security and privacy for your data.
  •   Synchronised workflow that is integrated and assimilated in real-time.
  •   Over-the-cloud HR compliance system.
  •   Easy to use with a simplified multi-flow user interface.
  •   Ensure your workflow the blessing of anytime-ready service.
  •   The best cost-to-performance HCM platform.
  •   Access the entire HRMS suite across a range of devices and platforms.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities