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The Most Efficient HRMS Solution Around Mohali

HRMS i.e., Human Resource Management System is now the talk around town. In a world that is tech-savvy, businesses do not want to be left behind. Traditional ways of handling records are now far gone with cloud-based models coming in, providing a platform for the best HRMS solutions to rise. Apart from just being technology-driven, automating systems have now become the need of the hour. With most companies introducing work-from-home, knowing how your employees perform would be a task if there were no software to be implemented for it. Luckily in the age we live in, everything’s one step ahead of us.

HRMS has been brought in to make life simpler. Why not make the life of an HR easier? This system not only helps store all data in one place safe & secured but also can help with employee development through various learning modules. While leaving out so many functions to the HRMS solution, why not give into the payroll management as well? Since the beginning of the company, payroll services have always been our strength. Safe to say that we are one among the best payroll systems in Mohali.

The most effective & efficient HR software solutions can perform various HR & Payroll related works with ease. This includes the following:

  • 1.Talent Acquisition
  • 2.ESS (Employee Self-Service), Social, & MSS (Action Manager Self-Service) Management
  • 3.Digital Onboarding
  • 4.Talent & Performance Management
  • 5.Time & Leave Management
  • 6.Learning Management
  • 7.Travel & Expense Management
  • 8.E-Separation Management
  • 9.Payroll Management
  • 10.Lifecycle Events Management
  • & so goes on the list. Be it a start-up or enterprise level, our HRMS platform provides a solution to one & all. While you firms can focus on the revenue aspect, let us help you with the technological aspect.


    Now that you know all about HR management software companies in Mohali & its benefits, what’s the wait? This software won’t just increase productivity but also bring in positivity & a working environment that is pleasant. With tools like rewards & recognition, companies can have their employees’ morale boosted & once you have that, there’s no question that you’d want ZingHR to be with you as a long-term partner. Considering the importance of HRMS systems, firms of Mohali, what will be your next step from here on? Call us now to help you understand the various tasks that we can enable you to automate and also save on costs in a significant manner.

In order to manage the time and attendance of your employees with the help of such software all you need to do is integrate with your existing biometric device.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities