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Onboard Yourself on Advanced Enterprise HR Solutions & Improve Workplace Productivity

Are you searching for a cutting-edge solution for new-age HR? Do you want to experience the best HR solutions for enterprise? Are you searching for an ultimate HR enterprise solution? Well, look none other than ZingHR. We are always going to be your technology partner with knowledge and depth helping you to transform business.

Being in the business for years, ZingHR is unique. Since the day of our inception, we have laid our objectives clear. We are focusing on providing our users with the cutting-edge solution for a modern approach to the HR system. Our user-friendly systems and AI-enabled technology help deliver unmatched HR solutions for the enterprise.

With over 26+ Global languages, we strive to provide the enterprises with Recruitment, Onboarding, Time and Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll, Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Talent Acquisition, Time & Attendance, Learning Management, and all sorts of possible HR Analytics solutions. We have taken due care of the need of each and every type of organization and our HR Software for Enterprises is designed to deliver the best of employee experiences with a focus on achieving business outcomes through process innovations, LeanHR, and Disruptive technologies. We have taken care of the need and requirements of each type of organization and hence, our HR software for enterprises is designed accordingly to deliver the best to the world’s largest organization even.

What to Expect from ZingHR?

Our approach and dedication towards transforming business have helped us to bring unmatched HR Enterprise Solutions. ZingHR has played a crucial role in getting the organization to think of automation and deliver solutions that could significantly enhance employees’ and employers’ experience.

Our proven automation process has helped the organizations, irrespective of the size, to get a platform where they could feel the change in their business productivity. We have always aimed for the betterment of the workforce no matter where and which background they belong to.

Experience the HR Transformation of your Business with ZingHR!!

Having served more than 550 big companies, our vision has helped enterprises to experience the progress exponentially. We are offering an HR solution which can help you drive Performance Culture and deliver Business Outcomes. 

At ZingHR you will get the following different types of HR Solutions for Enterprises HRMS for enterprises

  • Digital Onboarding
  • ESS, MSS & Social
  • Payroll Management
  • Time and Leave
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Learning Management
  • e-Separation
  • Travel and Expense
  • Lifecycle Events
  • Talent and Performance

What is Best in Our Technology-based Services? 

We are an HR tech venture accelerated at Microsoft, with now more than 350+ employees, 550+ customers and now a 1 million+ active users. ZingHR offers complete automation of the end to end processes in HR through Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning algorithms which helps to improve employee performance and drives process efficiency in recruitment, offers ease of leave, attendance, payroll, and claim management.

Collaborating with ZingHR comes with a bucket list of advantages. These are all based on technology. Our fully developed and designed HRMS for enterprises has helped businesses to redefine their employee management for different companies spread across Globally.

The following are some of the associated advantages—

  • Our HR solution comes with HR360 fundamentals that house a 24+ HRMS module that aims at making the life cycle management of an employee smoother, simpler, and more effective and efficient.
  • ZingHR provides everything at a TAP that means right from Onboarding to Exit, all large enterprises can get everything on the mobile.
  • We help organizations customize their module under our Plug and Playscheme. We make sure that our new HR Software for enterprises has the easiest possible integration when it comes to connecting to the existing system.
  • We offer enterprises with an active and efficient decision-making tool with our HRMS enterprise on real-time dashboards. This helps businesses to enhance their productivity by taking informed decisions.
  • With nearly two decades of experience, we provide organizations with in-built practical solutions.
  • Our frequent update of the software helps the organizations to stay tuned to the latest changes in an effective manner.

Accelerate your Business Outcomes with ZingHR

Whether you are running a manufacturing firm, education institute, banking and financial services, or IT/ITES and retail industry- our advanced HRIS enterprise system acts as a bridge between Employees and Human resources with the help of HR software. We make sure that all the process and activities related to HR is carried electronically.

Get in touch with us now. We are always there to assist you with our latest HR solutions for the enterprise. Our automation has helped reduce redundancy and errors caused due to manual tasks.