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Cloud Based HRMS Solutions

HRMS or Human Resource Management System as it is usually known can be described as an arrangement of all the processes and systems that are required in order to proficiently manage the HR (human resource) department of an organization. Normally HR work involves performing a lot of functions that are tedious and yet have to be done on a routine basis. This also means that there is always a high chance of making mistakes in such work because normally when we are not interested in any work we tend to be less attentive towards it and end up making mistakes. In an organizational setting, this could very well prove to be critical. As such, under ideal circumstances, such work should be dealt with using technology so that the drudgery could be addressed. Having technology such as HRMS Cloud and other HRM software handle both these work also ensures that the issue of errors is completely ruled out.

It goes without saying that when you are doing such work manually you are wasting valuable resources in what can be termed as unproductive and banal work. This is where HRM software solutions such as a Cloud-based HRMS system could prove to be so very useful in every sense of the word. By using such software, one can considerably decrease the manual workload necessary for carrying out these jobs. We at Zing HR offer you an end-to-end venture integrated online HRM system as per the unique requirements of your business organization. This is the reason why we are regarded as the provider of the best Cloud HRMS.

Our HR software will be responsible for all the necessary steps :-

  • Talent Acquisition: Our best cloud-based HR solutions make talent acquisition an easy and organized task. Talent acquisition is one of the major roles of HR personnel. The quality of the workforce must be maintained to ensure greater productivity. At Zing HR, we channelize our efforts to develop an integrated Human resource cloud solution that facilitates the recruitment process and aids one to get the right candidate for the job. Our Web-based human resource management systems make recruitment and screening of candidates simplified.

  • Digital Onboarding: One of the striking features of our HRMS cloud solutions is the employee data storage and digital onboarding facility. To keep the pace with the digital world Zing HR has embedded its cloud-based hr management system with smart tools that allow companies to digitally onboard their employees. Now you can manage the recruitment from anywhere at any time with just a single click by using our cloud-based HRMS.

  • Time & Leave: Attendance tracking is one of the most complicated tasks especially when your strength of the company is huge. It becomes difficult for HR personnel to keep a record of everyday attendance and manage leaves too. The HRMS Cloud solutions enable one to manage the attendance and leaves of every single employee. Its automated systems keep the complete record of employee attendance and leave.

  • Travel & Expense: The cloud-based human resource management system from Zing HR are designed for small, medium business enterprises as well as large multinational companies. It includes advanced features and data feeding metrics that help HR personnel to keep a record of Travel and other work-related expenses of the employees. The cloud employee management creates a comprehensive platform, which is easy to access and efficacious too.

  • Payroll Management : Our web-based human resource management system accurately calculates payroll of employees taking into consideration all the vital aspects such as leaves, attendance, overtime etc. The accuracy and precision of our payroll systems surely reduce the burden of the HR team and save their efforts too.

  • ESS, MSS & Social: The Zing HR human resources cloud solution can be customized and modified to meet the several requirements and policies of corporates and businesses such as ESS and MSS.

  • Talent & Performance: Zing HR brings to you some of the best cloud HRMS that encourage ethical performance management. The various analytical tools help one to get the real-time data and performance reports of every employee based on several KPIs.

  • Rewards & Recognition : The HRMs in the cloud allows one to analyze discretely the performance of every employee and plan a reward and recognition strategy accordingly. It allows one to draft a reward and recognition plan that is common for all employees and special privileges to the performing employees. The cloud-based Human resources embolden transparent and data-driven reward and recognition of employees.

  • Lifecycle Events, FNF: Cloud-based human resources is a cohesive platform that integrates all the aspects of employee management. It creates a uniform platform and an integrated system that keeps a record of everything. The cloud-based HRMS is capable of storing and retrieving vital information of employees including their FNF process, lifecycle events and much more. It improves the functioning of the HR department with its contemporary dashboard and key features.

All in One Solution To Streamline Operational And HR Activities To Expand Your Business

The HRM Cloud solutions happen to be the best because they come with various features that help you with each and every aspect of your work. Our e-recruitment facilities that help you search, select, and recruit the top talent going around. It is easily the smartest way to recruit as we provide you a wide range of solutions in this regard. This is why our HRMS in the Cloud is so highly sought after. With the help of our digital onboarding facility, you would be able to connect with your employees and agree with them even before they have been hired as such. This is one more reason why you should use our HRM software.

Advantages Of HRMS & Payroll Software:-

  • 1.ZING Learn
  • 2.Digital Locker
  • 3.Chatbots
  • 4.Voice-forms
  • 5.Multilingual Multi-Time
  • 6.Zone Multi-Currency
  • 7.Zero-Touch Payroll
  • 8.Machine Learning
  • 9.Robotic Interviews
  • 10.Digital Onboarding
  • 11.Employee Engagemen

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities