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The Best HRMS & Payroll Software in Vadodara

Kem cho folks belonging to the cultural capital of Gujarat! Vadodara, formerly known as Badora, is also described as “Sanskari Nagari” which translates to “Cultured City”. The city’s culture does not only focus on its old heritage & history but, is dynamic, ever-changing & alive. With a number of attractions that please the eye, Vadodara serves as an essential hub of industry, education & culture of western India. It is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the state where you can discover individuals from every corner of the country.

For a city that’s already so dynamic, companies update themselves quite frequently be it in terms of technology or trends. But, here’s the catch, do the companies do enough to lesser the workload of their own employees by implementing a well-defined HR management system?

What is HRMS?

Before we dive into the benefits of HRMS, let us first explain to you what HRMS software actually is. This software is innovated to make every HR function effortless. An HRMS is also commonly known as a tool used to attract, engage, & enlighten employees throughout the employee life-cycle while also easing the workload of the top management.

The most effective & efficient HR software solutions can perform various HR & Payroll related tasks with ease. This includes the following:

  • • Talent Acquisition
  • • ESS (Employee Self-Service), Social, & MSS (Action Manager Self-Service) Management
  • • Digital Onboarding
  • • Talent & Performance Management
  • • Time & Leave Management
  • • Learning Management
  • • Travel & Expense Management
  • • E-Separation Management
  • • Payroll Management
  • • Lifecycle Events Management
We promise to keep increasing the number of modules as & when the need arises. ZingHR believes in agility & hence invests back most of its revenue on research & development to innovate the best solutions for you.

We at ZingHR have invested time & energy to make sure that we provide an interface that is intuitive so that companies of Vadodara have reduced the stress of learning how to use the interface that is meant to ease their work. We believe in “Outcomation”, which when broken down, means, automating your processes to achieve the outcome your company desires, be it an SMB or a large enterprise from different industries – we cater to all. A few more reasons to choose ZingHR as your long-term tech partner are listed below.

Easier Decision Making with Analytics

With AI tech all around, why not leave your decision-making there as well? With reports being processed within a second, you can now have data in your hands anytime, anywhere. ZingHR provides the best HRMS solution for your company. With customizable options & easy integration, you’ll now not have to worry about processes!

Efficient Hire to Retire Process

We provide an entire solution in one app! Need we say more? A complete on-cloud solution that keeps your data safe & provides a centralized database. Our mobile-first approach lets you perform your tasks anytime, anywhere. Be it punching in/out, viewing payslips, applying for leaves & so on, you have it in the touch of a finger.

Helps Engage your Employees

Everyone wants to be part of the greater good, why not start that culture in your company itself. Small steps, right? With modules rewards & recognition, employee surveys & ESS, you’re in a way letting your employees know that their opinions matter. This gives them the motivation to work harder & also builds greater loyalty. What else would companies in Vadodara need if not employees that trust them?

Call us now to help you understand the various tasks that we can enable you to automate and also save on costs in a significant manner or write to us at

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