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The Best HRMS & Payroll Software in Udaipur

Kamma Ghani to the people of the White City!

They say Rajasthan is a land of desert, but would anyone have the same thought if they took a look at the natural splendor set across every nook & corner of Udaipur? Also known as the “city of lakes”, Udaipur sets a gorgeous backdrop for all the people living there & thereby being the most popular tourist destination. This breathtaking city is filled with palaces, Havelis & temples. Famous for its lush greenery, heritage & culture, Udaipur is now looked upon as one of the most romantic cities & in other words, the “Venice of East”.

For a city so spectacular, the HRMS software in Udaipur must come up to the same level, shouldn’t it? With the world moving unbelievably fast with technological advancements, companies may or may not find it difficult to catch up, but for the companies that think it’s not their cup of tea, ZingHR is here to help you out. With a team of dedicated individuals, we bring in new modules to make our HR software even more effective & efficient. A perfect balance between employee-centric & management-centric. Enterprises in Udaipur no longer have to worry about automating their systems be it managing attendance, tracking the performance of employees, processing payrolls, and so on, we bring to your service the best HRMS & Payroll software.

Why should companies automate their HR system?

HR management companies in Udaipur must opt to go digital as automating is not just cost-effective but also brings in a lot of scope for innovation & is more efficient. The benefits in terms of modules that ZingHR offers are as mentioned below:

  • • Onboarding New Employees
  • • Conducting Interviews
  • • Attendance Management
  • • Payroll Management
  • • Talent Management
  • • Training & Learning
  • • Employee Hierarchy Management
  • • Appraisals & Compensation
& If you think the modules end here, then you have mistaken. We are a company that is driven by innovation, whatever be the troubles in your company’s processes, we provide the best HRMS software to help eliminate them.

Catching up with technology is now becoming a cakewalk. We at ZingHR have invested time & energy to make sure that we provide an interface that is intuitive so that companies of Udaipur have reduced the stress of learning how to use the interface that is meant to ease their work. We believe in “Outcomation”, which when broken down, means, automating your processes to achieve the outcome your company desires, be it an SMB or a large enterprise from different industries – we cater to all. A few more reasons to choose ZingHR as your long-term tech partner are listed below.

Smart Hire-Retire Process

We provide an entire solution in one app! Need we say more? A complete on-cloud solution that keeps your data safe & provides a centralized database. Our mobile-first approach lets you perform your tasks anytime, anywhere. Be it punching in/out, viewing payslips, applying for leaves & so on, you have it in the touch of a finger.

Tools to Engage your Employees

Everyone wants to be part of the greater good, why not start that culture in your company itself. Small steps, right? With modules rewards & recognition, employee surveys & ESS, you’re in a way letting your employees know that their opinions matter. This gives them the motivation to work harder & also builds greater loyalty. What else would companies in Udaipur need if not employees that trust them?

Call us now to help you understand the various tasks that we can enable you to automate and also save on costs in a significant manner or write to us at

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