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Best HR and Payroll Software in Rajshahi

At ZingHR, we are helping Growth Bound Enterprises to Achieve Outcomation in Rajshahi.

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Rajshahi is a divisional metropolitan city that is situated on the northern bank of the River Padma. This city is significant in terms of administrative, educational, social & business centres in Bangladesh today. It is a notable focal point of silk production & thereby is known as the “Silk City”. Varendra Research Museum, the most established of its sort in Bangladesh. The city is home to numerous famous educational institutions in Bangladesh. Rajshahi is otherwise called the “Green City” because of its natural scenery & fresh air.

To keep up with the building needs of enterprises in Rajshahi in terms of HR tech, we’ve taken a step forward to provide it to you. An ideal HRMS software must provide the entire solution, i.e., from hire to retirement. If it doesn’t do so, does it really help ease your processes? Luckily, we at ZingHR, believe in doing more, investing & re-investing our revenue into research & development to bring to you the best HRMS software in Rajshahi. In times of work-from-home, our software is here to help & reduce the workload of HR & helps in making processes easier.

Why should companies automate their HR system?

HR software for enterprises and large companies must opt to go digital as automating is not just cost-effective but also brings in a lot of scope for innovation & is more efficient. The benefits in terms of modules that ZingHR offers are as mentioned below:
• Talent Acquisition
• ESS (Employee Self-Service), Social, & MSS (Action Manager Self-Service) Management
• Digital Onboarding
• Talent & Performance Management
• Time & Leave Management
• Learning Management
• Travel & Expense Management
• E-Separation Management
• Payroll Management
• Lifecycle Events Management

& If you think the modules end here, then you have mistaken. We are a company that is driven by innovation. Whatever be the troubles in your company’s processes, we provide the best HR software for enterprises and large companies to help eliminate them & make it easier for your company.
It has now become increasingly important for companies to be technology-forward to sustain in the market. For those who stick to traditional ways make a path for competitors to take the lead & we wouldn’t want that to happen to you. ZingHR comes to the rescue for SMBs & enterprises in Rajshahi to automate their systems & focus on growth. Our cloud-based HR software will make sure to engage your employees, get your processes in place & increase productivity. A few more reasons to choose ZingHR as your long-term tech partner are listed below.

A Complete Hire to Retire Process

We provide an entire solution in one app! Need we say more? A complete on-cloud solution that keeps your data safe & provides a centralized database. Our mobile-first approach lets you perform your tasks anytime, anywhere. Be it punching in/out, viewing payslips, applying for leaves & so on, you have it in the touch of a finger.

A Tool to Engage your Employees

Everyone wants to be part of the greater good, why not start that culture in your company itself. Small steps, right? With modules rewards & recognition, employee surveys & ESS, you’re in a way letting your employees know that their opinions matter. This gives them the motivation to work harder & also builds greater loyalty. What else would companies in Rajshahi need if not employees that trust them?
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